Case Study: Hair Tools on Amazon


Before beBOLD

After beBOLD

The Brand

Brand X (contact us for specific details) is a Global Professional Hair Tools brand that is being distributed through Sally Beauty, CosmoProf, Salon Centric and regional distributors.  The brand is used by and retailed by barbers and salon professionals.

The Problem

Brand X was being distributed through so many sources it was easy for 3rd Party sellers to get inventory to sell on Amazon.  The brand was spending tens of thousands of dollars monthly on legal fees and tying up internal resources in an attempt to clean up the +130 sellers on Amazon.  The products where being sold sometimes as low as 70% off retail which in turn was hurting their professional/salon business. 

The brand image was also being hurt because content on Amazon was all wrong – incorrect titles, bad images, wrong images, wrong sizes, and the list goes on.  The wrong content lead to negative feedback on all their products.  With all these issues – Brand X turned to beBOLD to clean up their brand and grow sales.

The Solution

beBold was able to help get the brand under control by adding the brand into an Amazon growth program.  (is “an Amazon growth program” the correct phrasing? Seems vague when it shouldn’t be) Within 3-months beBold was able to have the brand gated (Amazon’s term: Authorized Seller Platform) to remove the 130+ sellers.   During that 3-month process beBold worked on getting the brand “retail ready” which included:

  • Content Optimization: Use high performing keywords in product titles, descriptions, etc
  • Image Optimization: Updated images to tell the brand story
  • A+ Optimization: Added A+ content to increase sales
  • Brand Store: Updated brand store to tell brand story by adding videos and best practices
  • Amazon Posts: Add 500,000+ free impressions in 3 months

After the brand was “retail ready” we implemented our Amazon advertising best practices. Because we are an Amazon Advertising Partner and have years of beauty industry experience, we were able to surpass the Objectives and Key Results (OKR) established with the brand.

The brand is now using beBold generated retail ready copy & images  globally and has driven a consistent brand image across all countries where Amazon is doing business.

The Results

After getting the brand “retail ready” and setting Objectives and Key Results (OKR) with the brand, we were able to start the Amazon “flywheel” to build momentum. The flywheel is where the more sales & reviews you have in turn drives your ranking higher on Amazon.  The higher the ranking – the more growth in sales you will have. 

  • Resulting in 2019: +450% growth to prior year
  • Resulting in 2020: +627% growth to prior year
  • 3 items ranked in the top 25 in its category
  • 55,000+ Ratings (4.6 out of 5) Globally

Results are based on setting Objectives and Key Results (OKR) and implementing them.  There is no set it and forget it or automation strategy.  Please see the beBold process and why it is key to success on Amazon.

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