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Introduction to Walmart Beauty Listing Quality Optimization

Listing Premium and Professional Beauty products on Walmart will place products in front of millions of online shoppers.  But simply listing products isn’t enough to make sales. There’s a lot of competition, and it can be challenging to stand out.

That’s where beBOLD Digital comes in.

Our team will optimize your listings to gain more clicks and conversions. How? Keep reading. This guide will explain how our team optimizes your Walmart beauty listings.

Walmart Optimization Triangle + Advertising

Walmart’s algorithm determines the quality of the listings on its site. It considers your overall catalog and analyzes three factors for each listing: Content & Discoverability, Offer and Ratings & Reviews.

beBOLD Walmart optimization triangle

Let’s take a deeper look at each area.

1. Content & Discoverability

Your listing details like the product title, category, description, and images help your listing get discovered.

2 . Offer

Walmart looks at how competitive your offer is compared to similar listings and products to enhance the customer experience.

3. Performance

Getting high ratings and reviews for your listings reduces cancellation and return rates while driving conversions.

4. Advertising

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1. Content & Discoverability

The content of your Walmart beauty products is the foundation for optimizing your listings. This includes the listing title, description, and product details. Not only will it turn shoppers into customers, but it will also boost your ability to rank in searches.

Unoptimized Walmart Beauty Listing

Walmart Ineffective Product Listing

Optimized Walmart Beauty Listing

Walmart Optimized Product Listing

Beauty Product Quality Listing on

Ineffective Listing vs Optimized Listing

1. Category
  • Product shelf (Category) is not defined due to incorrect item categorization.
  • The Category is specific and detailed, the product shelf is assigned correctly.

2. Image Variety

  • Only one image is available.
  • The recommended four images are provided, showing what it is, what it does, how it works.

3.  Product Title

  • The title is very generic and not very specific.
  • The product title is clean and concise, formatted with specific keywords about the product.

4.  Ratings & Reviews

  • This item has no Ratings or Reviews.
  • This item has many Ratings and Reviews based on previous customer experiences.

5.  Competitive Price

  • The price is not comparable to competitors’ pricing.
  • The price reflects a more competitive offer and the promo tag visually stands out.

6.  Variants

  • Only one Variant is shown.
  • Multiple Variants are shown, giving the customer options.

7.  Shipping Options

  • Seller has a restricted or singular shipping option.
  • Seller offers an expedited delivery option for a fast and free delivery.

8.  Rich Media

  • This item does not offer any rich media options for customers to view.
  • Multiple rich media options are offered providing the customer with more information.

9.  Product Description

  • This item doesn’t have any product description at all.
  • The description is organized correctly with key features highlighted.


Selecting the right category is crucial, but that doesn’t mean simply labeling products under ‘Beauty.’ Be more specific. Is it mascara, foundation, or lipstick? The more you narrow down your categories, the more you increase your discoverability.

Product Title

The product title is the first thing potential customers see besides the product pictures. So it’s essential to get this right. A good title will be clear and descriptive without being wordy. Try to hit between 50-75 characters, and include the color, brand, and size.


Once a shopper clicks on your listing, you want them to stay there and make a purchase. How do you achieve that? Through detailed product descriptions. This is your time to share information while including 3-10 key features.


The attributes of your premium beauty products are the things used to organize them. This makes your listings easier to navigate for online shoppers.


Images are vital to having an optimized Walmart beauty listing. You should aim to include at least four professional, high-resolution photos of your products. The images should have a white background and be at least 1000x1000 pixels so shoppers can zoom in.

Rich Media

Rich media includes videos, 360-images, and how-to videos of your products. This type of media allows shoppers to get an even closer look at your listing, which leads to higher conversion rates.

2. Offer

Your offer is the price and value of your professional beauty products relative to those of your competitor. The entire offer is based on three factors: the item price, in-stock inventory, and shipping speed.

Item Price

To win the Buy Box, price your Walmart beauty listings competitively. Not only will this help your sales, but it also provides customers with a better shopping experience.

In-stock Inventory

Keeping your popular beauty products stocked at all times is necessary to appear in search results. Make sure your available inventory is up-to-date, especially for products that sell fast.

Shipping Speed

When it comes to shipping, it’s important to give shoppers faster options.  Online shoppers expect fast shipping!  Be sure to offer it to get conversions. Add it by enabling Walmart Three Day and Two Day shipping.  For your Two Day shipping option you should be utilizing Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS).

WFS has Higher Search Ranking and Buy Box wins - for a 50% increase in sales

WFS offers end-to-end fulfillment services for third-party ecommerce sellers. With one of the world’s largest supply chains, we’re uniquely positioned to provide the scale, quality, cost, and efficiency you need to grow a successful business on  Meet your customers’ delivery expectations with every shipment. Two-day shipping is provided anywhere in the contiguous U.S. but is not guaranteed during peak season (September-January). The WFS experience also includes access to Walmart omnichannel capabilities such as our Free & Easy Returns program.

Walmart Fulfillment Services Pricing

3. Performance

Optimizing listings and driving conversions requires regular maintenance and work. Our team can handle these listings for you.

Here’s what we look at:

Ratings and Reviews

Take a look at your reviews and ratings to see what customers like and what might need improvement. You can do this by importing product reviews through Walmart Spark Reviewer or Bazaarvoice.

Listing Quality Dashboard

Walmart’s Listing Quality Dashboard is available to make reviewing your listings easier. It will provide you with the data needed to know which listings perform well vs those that might need some work.

4. Advertising

No other platform can correlate online & in-store activity at scale like Walmart. Our closed-loop system provides a holistic view of Walmart customer behavior & creates accountable, measurable results for your business.

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