How to Win the Amazon Buy Box (2022) Algorithm

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Here are the things that according to the behavior we’ve detected, can affect the Buy Box:

 DefinitionBest Way to Win Buy BoxFor Buy BoxTime Period that Impacts MetricImpact on Buy Box
Fulfillment MethodHow seller ships the itemFBA or Seller Fulfilled PrimeFBA/FBMCurrentVery High
Landed PriceTotal price plus shippingLower is BetterLower is BetterCurrentHigh
Perfect Order PercentageOverall percentage of perfect orders100%Above 95%Last 90 DaysHigh
Shipping TimeTime it takes to ship and itemUp to 2 daysNo more than 14 daysCurrentHigh
Order Defect RateNegative Feedback + Claims+ Chargeback Rates0%1% or lessLast 90 DaysMedium
Feedback ScoreTotal of all the feedback the seller has receivedHigher is better (%)Higher is better (%)Last 365 DaysMedium
On-Time DeliveryOrders that were delivered on time100%97% or higherLast 30 DaysMedium
Valid Tracking RateTracking numbers provided for shipped orders100%95% or higherLast 30 DaysMedium
Late Shipment RateOrders shipped past the expected ship date0%Less than 4%Last 30 DaysMedium
Response TimeHow long it takes seller to respond to customerUp to 12 hours24 hours or lessLast 90 DaysMedium
Customer FeedbackNo. of customer that have given feedbackHigher is better (%)Higher is better (%)CurrentMedium
InventoryHow often the seller runs out of stockLower is betterLower is betterLast 90 DaysLow
Cancelation RateHow often seller cancels an order0%2.5% or lessLast 90 DaysLow
Refund RateHow often customers ask for a refundLower is betterLower is betterLast 90 DaysLow

As we said before, please take into consideration that these are factors that may affect the Buy Box, but these are not the only things that may affect. Since the Buy Box is an algorithm, we can’t know for sure how it works.  If you have further questions, please Contact beBold

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