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Amazon Listing Optimization Services for Vendors and Sellers

beBOLD offers the best Amazon listing optimization services to help you sell more products. Our team of experts knows how to improve your product listings to increase traffic and sales.


Amazon Product Listing Optimization Services

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beBOLD's service is designed to help you improve the visibility, relevance and performance of your products on Amazon. We use various techniques and strategies to maximize your organic search ranking within the platform, enabling you to reach more potential customers and outpace competitors.

We offer research-driven keyword optimization for improved discoverability, strategic copywriting for higher click-through rates, and product reviews management to build trust with potential buyers. We also provide detailed performance analysis reports that allow you to track progress and make necessary adjustments for further optimization.

Our team of experts are experienced in the Amazon space and have an extensive understanding of how to increase brand exposure on the platform. We are committed to helping you achieve your goals and grow your business on Amazon.

Increase visibility by optimizing your search for the item to appear in the results page of Amazon.

beBOLD's Free Audit of your Amazon Product Listings:

  1. Product Title
  2. Product Images
  3. Bullet Points
  4. Complete the Look (Premium Beauty)
  5. Virtual Bundles
  6. Description
  7. A+ Content and Premium A+ Content
  8. Product Category
  9. Amazon Posts

All of these factors play a key role in helping the customer to recognize and purchase your product. Our experts can help you with creating an optimized listing which will help enhance visibility and increase sales of your product on Amazon.

We provide 9 free audit reports that analyze all of these aspects, so that you can make the necessary changes to improve them.

Amazon listing optimization and the Amazon algorithm

Amazon has to offer relevant results to consumers across the marketplace. If the searcher searches for 'child security door’ or products describing diapers, then Amazon has no effect. And if they happen users can find other options and buy their safety gates.

This is what Amazon uses in its search engine algorithms: A10. It identifies product listings and gives ecommerce companies the best possible outcomes for their customers. So people can easily get the item they desire and buy it.  For more information about Amazon search algorithm.

How to build a product listing that converts

When you create your product listing, it should be optimized to appeal to the Amazon algorithm as well as potential buyers. The following elements are essential when creating a product listing that converts:

  1. Product Title – This should include the product name, relevant keywords, product features, and specifications.
  2. Product Images – Clear images that accurately depict the product are essential to creating a successful listing on Amazon.
  3. Bullet Points – These should be concise and relevant to the item, as they offer shoppers an easy way to understand the product’s features and benefits.
  4. Complete the Look (Premium Beauty) – This feature allows you to link related items that customers might want to purchase at the same time as your product, boosting sales and saving shoppers time.
  5. Virtual Bundles – Linking two or more products together can help boost visibility in Amazon’s search engine results page (SERP).
  6. Description – A detailed and informative description of the product helps shoppers decide if they want to purchase it or not.
  7. A+ – This is an optional feature that allows you to showcase your products in a more creative way, giving customers a better idea about what the item looks like when assembled, for example.
  8. Product Category – Choosing the right product category for your item is essential for making sure it appears in relevant search results.
  9. Amazon Posts – This new feature allows you to advertise your products and create social engagement on the platform, helping increase visibility and sales.

By taking these elements into account when creating a product listing, you can ensure that you maximize visibility and sales on Amazon. With our Amazon Listing Optimization Service, you can rest assured that your listings are optimized according to the latest Amazon algorithm, giving customers the best possible chance of finding and buying your products.

Contact us today for a free audit of your product listings to get started.

Write informative product titles

A crucial part in optimizing an Amazon listing is writing your name. For users as well as for Amazon, it is important to provide an informative title for your page — people must see your product before clicking on it.

When writing a product description, make sure that this best-practice applies. In some cases the maximum characters in some categories are lower than 200 characters.

Utilize A/B Experiments Tool

Optimized content can contribute up to $5k to $250k in sales annually. Compare product photos, titles or A+ content for best performance. Take a test to see which content drives sales. Watch: Run a test of a product Learn the lingo of the A & B test.

The A/B tests compare two types of content for the best performance in the final version. You can test content for a specific audience with A/B testing to see if there are any improvements to improve the content. Explore the whole thing.


Our process and expert approach to Growth of your brand on  Amazon & Walmart starts here.

See our step by step process:

1. Understand

Your brand: where else you are selling, your competitors, each marketplace and the opportunity.

2. Strategize

Collaborate and develop an omni-channel approach with SEO, image / A+, advertising plan to drive incremental sales while maintaining profitability

3. Execute

Let our team excuse the strategy we have proposed and we have both agreed on.

4. Report

We have weekly calls to review the execution of plans which include reporting and analytics.  We ensure you always have full transparency.

Amazon Listing Optimization Service - Frequently Asked Questions

What is Amazon listing optimization services?

Designed to help sellers increase their visibility on Amazon. They include product title optimization, product images, bullet points, complete the look (for Premium Beauty), virtual bundles, descriptions, A+ content and more. This helps maximize your chances of appearing in relevant search results and increasing conversions.

Is Amazon listing optimization worth it?

Yes, it is. Amazon listing optimization can help increase your visibility and drive sales, leading to a better return on investment for your business. By optimizing your product listings you will be more likely to appear in relevant search results and increase conversions which can result in greater profits for your business.

How do I create an optimized listing on Amazon?

Creating an optimized listing on Amazon involves several steps. Firstly, you should choose a product title that is both descriptive and relevant to the product. You should then add images that are clear and informative, as well as engaging bullet points and product descriptions which describe the features and benefits of your product.

What keyword research tool do you use for your Amazon listing optimization?

We use a combination of tools to identify keywords for our Amazon listing optimization service. These include Amazon’s Seller Central and Marketplace tools, as well as third-party keyword research tools such as SEMrush, Keyword Tool, and Long Tail Pro. We also utilize Amazon’s own search algorithm to identify the best keywords for our listings.

Let beBOLD Optimize your Product Detail Pages

At beBOLD we understand that optimizing your product detail pages can be a daunting task. That’s why we offer an Amazon listing optimization service to help ensure your listings are up-to-date, visible and optimized for search on the Amazon platform.

Our team of experts will audit your current product detail pages, provide recommendations for improvement and help you make sure that your listings are optimized according to the latest Amazon algorithm, giving customers the best possible chance of finding and buying your products. Contact us today for a free audit of your product listings to get started.

beBOLD looks forward to working with you to optimize your product detail pages!


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