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Walmart Beauty Listing Quality Optimization

The ultimate guide to growing your Beauty Brand on with top-performing listings.

Here is your introduction to Walmart beauty listing optimizations.  When you list your products on
Walmart Marketplace, you’re putting them into a giant storefront with thousands of listings visible to millions of customers at any one time.

Questions about optimization:

  • Where do you start when you need to optimize your listings to attract customers and win more sales?
  • How do you improve offer quality for the best shopping experience?
  • What do Walmart site algorithms look at when ranking your products in search and browse results?

3 Key Factors of Product Optimization

Once you’ve got a product up and selling, it’s time to think about optimizing your performance for increased sales.   Walmart looks at 3 factors that determine the listing quality score of each listing as well as your catalog on a whole:

  1. Content & Discoverability
  2. Offer
  3. Ratings & Reviews

These three factors make up the listing quality optimization triangle – a holistic view of ways to achieve
top-performance listings.

What makes a quality listing on 

Here we’ll highlight a number of items to be aware of.

1.  Category

  • Not Optimized: Product shelf is not defined due to incorrect item categorization.
  • Optimized: The Category is specific and detailed, the product shelf is assigned correctly.

2.  Image Variety

  • Not Optimized: Only one image is available.
  • The recommended four images are provided, making the entire entry more
    visually appealing.

3.  Title

  • Not Optimized: The Title is very generic and not very specific about this watch.
  • The product title is clean and concise, formatted with specific keywords such as size, color and style.

4.  Ratings & Reviews

  • Not Optimized: This item has no Ratings or Reviews.
  • This item has many Ratings and Reviews based on previous customer experiences.

5.  Competitive Price

  • Not Optimized: The price is not comparable to competitors’ pricing.
  • The price reflects a much more competitive offer and the promo tag makes it stand out visually.

6.  Variants

  • Not Optimized: Only one Variant is shown.
  • Multiple Variants are shown, giving the customer more options to choose from.

7.  Shipping Options

  • Seller has a restricted or singular shipping option.
  • Seller offers an expedited delivery option for an appealing fast and free delivery promise.

8.  Rich Media

  • This item does not offer any rich media options for customers to view.
  • This item offers multiple rich media options, providing the customer with more information to make a purchase with.

9.  Product Description

  • This item doesn’t have any product description at all.
  • The information about this item is organized correctly with key features highlighted and a highly descriptive paragraph.


Walmart Ineffective Product Listing


Walmart Optimized Product Listing



Denny Smolinski

CEO & Founder - Denny’s experience and knowledge of the professional and prestige beauty industry and Amazon allows him and his team to grow beauty brands globally within the Amazon ecosystem. He understands the full scope of brands that are doing business in professional beauty or retail such as Ulta, Sephora, Nordstrom and more. Denny’s stands behind his professionalism and years of reputation in the beauty industry.

Walmart Beauty Listing Quality Optimization

Walmart Beauty Listing Quality Optimization

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