Case Study

Premium Beauty Brand with 262% Growth on Amazon

Removing all 3P Sellers on Amazon allows for a Premium Beauty Brand to take control of their brand and grow sales while becoming more profitable.

Case Study: Premium Beauty Brand on Amazon

100 %

Removal of all 3P Sellers

262 %

Growth in the 1st year

40 %

Reduction in ACOS %

The Premium Beauty Brand

This premium beauty brand is a company that produces hair care products with a focus on luxury and quality. The brand has professional and retail products. The professional products are used in salons by stylists and are professional product only. Their retail products are sold by salon and stylist but they are also in Sephora.


The Problem

The brand’s top issues were their professional products were being sold on Amazon when they clearly state “For Professional Only” on the packaging. The other issue were multiple sellers discounting the brand’s products which hurt the salon retailing the products as well as the products being sold in Sephora.

Top Issues for the Premium Beauty:

  • 3rd party sellers discounting their brand
  • Wrong product titles and sizes
  • Images of old packaging
  • Spending money on advertising but sales were going to the 3rd party sellers
  • Did not have an update to date brand store

The problem that many premium beauty brands face is the issue of 3rd party sellers on Amazon. These sellers often lack the same product quality control and customer service standards as the original brand, allowing them to undercut prices without offering the same level of assurance that buyers have with the original product. This not only harms the brand image, but also affects their bottom line.

When resellers purchase products at a discounted price and sell them at a markup, it creates a race-to-the-bottom pricing strategy that ultimately devalues the product. This can be damaging for premium beauty brands that rely on their high-end reputation to justify their prices.

Additionally, Amazon retail arbitrage can create issues with counterfeit products. Resellers may unknowingly or intentionally sell fake or expired products under the guise of being authentic, which can lead to customer complaints and harm the brand's image.

Another issue is that resellers may not adhere to proper storage and handling procedures for these premium beauty products, which could compromise their quality and effectiveness. This lack of control over how these products are stored and handled could also lead to negative customer experiences.

Overall, Amazon retail arbitrage can be harmful to premium beauty brands by devaluing their products, damaging their reputation, creating problems with counterfeit products, and potentially compromising the quality of their items.

The Solution

beBOLD team took over the full account management of their Amazon business for the premium beauty brand and was able to:

  • Removed all 3rd Party Sellers
  • Updated Copy to brand standards
  • Updated Images, A+ and brand store to brand standards
  • 20+ additional optimizations

Thus ensuring  the brand was setup for success. A beauty brand needs to work with the correct experienced partner or they can really hurt their brand.

Amazon Premium Beauty Logo

The Results

The beBOLD team was able to remove all 3rd party sellers, as well as increase sales and lower advertising ACOS for the premium beauty brand. By taking control of their Amazon business and focusing on creating a strong brand presence, we were able to establish trust with customers, improve product visibility, optimize conversion rates, and ultimately drive long-term success.


Overall, the premium beauty brand was able to see an increase in sales, lower ACOS and improve their brand image on Amazon by taking control of their business with beBOLD's help. This allowed them to focus on providing a better customer experience, which is essential for any successful ecommerce store. They are now well positioned to compete with the top brands on Amazon and continue their growth trajectory.

By doing this, they were able to compete with top brands on Amazon and drive long-term success. Ultimately, taking control of their Amazon business was the key to unlocking growth opportunities for the premium beauty brand.

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