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Recovered $325,000 from Amazon Vendor Chargebacks

Amazon Vendors may think they are getting all of their chargebacks back from Amazon but did 63% of those chargeback are hidden

Case Study: Amazon Chargeback Recovery

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The Amazon Chargeback Problem

Brand X thought they were getting every chargeback claim from their Amazon Vendor account but it takes a lot of resources, time and consistent follow up to fight those Amazon charge backs.

When the beBOLD was talking with the brand they said:

"We are already recovering all of our chargebacks"

beBOLD team said

"Our solution is a 100% free to run an analysis"

Skipping to the results:  we found the brand $325,000, that they had no idea they were owed.

The Solution

We provide an automated chargeback dispute resolution service that helps merchants keep their Amazon Vendor accounts in good standing. The platform offers features such as proactive email reminders, dispute notifications, and real-time analytics to ensure that chargeback claims are responded to quickly and efficiently.

The  Results

As a result of implementing this system, Brand X has seen a significant reduction in their rate of Amazon chargebacks. Additionally, they have saved resources, time and money while ensuring that they are able to dispute all Amazon chargeback claims effectively.

The system has been a great success for them and the feedback from users has been overwhelmingly positive.  We continue to strive for continuous improvement and we are confident that this solution will continue to be a great tool for all Amazon vendors.  

We understand the importance of properly responding to chargeback claims and are dedicated to creating solutions that help make the process simpler and more efficient. We look forward to continuing our work with Brand X and other vendors in helping them reduce their Amazon chargeback rate.


Amazon chargebacks can be a real challenge for many vendors, but with the proper tools and systems in place, it is possible to reduce their frequency and impact. By implementing an automated dispute resolution system, Brand X was able to quickly identify and respond to chargeback claims while saving resources, time, and money. The results have been extremely positive and we look forward to helping other Amazon vendors achieve similar success.

Thank you for your time! We hope this information was useful in understanding the importance of responding to chargeback claims and how our automated dispute resolution service can help improve the process. Feel free to reach out if you have any further questions or need assistance with setting up the system.


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