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Hassle-free marketplace management services. That is beBOLD for you!  Allow us to handle your Amazon seller account so you can focus on growing your brand.

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beBOLD manages both Vendor (1P) accounts and Seller accounts (3P) as part of our Full Service Account management services. Our services include account setup and optimization, marketing, listing management, customer service, analytics & reporting, financials & accounting and more.

beBOLD History

Denny Smolinski, CEO of beBOLD, started selling on Amazon in 2008 (dang he is old) and he taken those years of experience and every changing Amazon policies to build the beBOLD team as it is today. beBOLD is not only an agency but also still actively selling on Amazon. We use our own brand to test, experiment, and develop strategies which our clients can benefit from.

beBOLD Partner Success

Our goal is to help small to large-sized businesses succeed in their Amazon business by providing the most up-to-date strategies, consistent monitoring of account performance, and effective problem solving when issues arise. We want to be your trusted partner on Amazon - always available at your convenience with the best tools and resources to help you succeed.

Our commitment is to work with you as an extension of your team and ensure that your Amazon account is managed in an efficient, professional manner. Our team of experts are available to help support your business as it continues to grow on the most powerful online marketplace in the world. We look forward to working with you!


Our Full Amazon Account Management services includes:

Setup Amazon Seller or Vendor Account
Setup Seller or Vendor Account

We help setting up your Brand Registry, Amazon Seller Central or Vendor account a very simple process. Our beBOLD team understands the different protocols and have worked with Amazon for many years.

Amazon Product Listing Optimizaton
Product Listing Optimization and Management

We optimize your SEO, Product Images and A+ Content.  Once approved by your we ensure your products are up to date with the latest information. We also manage inventory, pricing, fulfillment channels and promotions to increase sales velocity.

Amazon Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our team of Amazon SEO experts will help you create product descriptions and titles that are optimized for maximum visibility on the platform. We use keyword research, competitive analysis, and Amazon-specific tactics to make sure your products show up in search results.

Product Images, A+ Content and Brand Store Fronts

We design professional and eye-catching images for product detail pages, A+ content and storefront design can make all the difference when it comes to standing out among competitors. Our team of expert designers provide creative services that help your products look more attractive while being functional as well.

Amazon Product Launches
Product Launch & Promotional Strategies

We employ strategies to make sure your products get the attention they need through launch promotions, discounts and other specific campaigns. We also conduct keyword research to boost visibility of your newly-launched items on Amazon.

Amazon PPC campaign managment
Amazon PPC Campaign Management

We offer Amazon Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns designed to bring in more quality traffic to your product listings and boost sales on the platform. Our PPC management team will create and manage your campaigns from start to finish, as well as track and analyze performance metrics.

Amazon Review Management
Customer Reviews & Seller Feedback Management

We understand how important customer reviews are in Amazon’s marketplace. That is why our team takes care of this aspect as well, responding to customers’ inquiries and reviews when needed, monitoring negative comments and dealing with other feedback along the way.

Amazon FBA Inventory Management-1
Amazon FBA Inventory Management

Our services are comprehensive enough to cover inventory management as part of your overall account management strategy. Our staff can help you with supply chain optimization so you don't have too much stock on hand or too little. We'll also make sure that your inventory is monitored and tracked so you don't lose out on sales opportunities due to stockouts.

Amazon Account Health Management
Daily Account Sweeps for Account Health

Our team of experts will review your seller account regularly to ensure there are no product listing suppressions, account health issues or Amazon just being Amazon. Any issues regarding the performance and health of your Amazon account will be addressed immediately by our team and proactively prevent any unfavorable outcomes that may affect your business.

Amazon FBA Reimbursement Recovery-1
Amazon Seller Account FBA Reimbursement Recovery

We are knowledgeable and adept in the area of Amazon FBA reimbursements, providing services for both small and large sellers. Our team has the necessary experience to identify discrepancies between your invoices and their records, as well as guide you through any issues related to customer return credits or inventory adjustments in your seller central account. This includes FBA reimbursements recovery, damage and lost inventory refunds, and additional money Amazon may owe you.

beBOLD Analytics Amazon Reporting
Analytics & Reporting using beBOLD Analytics

We believe in full transparency in everything that we do. We provide you 24/7 access to our analytics platform beBOLD Analytics to track the performance of your products across different metrics, as well as generate reports and visualize the data. Our analytics will give you a better understanding of how well your Amazon business is doing and offer insights into what strategies are working best.

Brand Registry and Protection
Brand Registry & Protection

Registering your brand on Amazon is an extensive procedure requiring concentrated effort and ample time. In partnering with our account management team, expect that we'll manage each process diligently and take cake charge of submitting your documents. We'll safeguard your brand from malicious entities such as counterfeiters and unauthorized sellers.


Our process and expert approach to Growth of your brand on Amazon starts here.

See our step by step process:

1. Understand

Your brand: where else you are selling, your competitors, each marketplace and the opportunity.

2. Strategize

Collaborate and develop an omni-channel approach with SEO, image / A+, advertising plan to drive incremental sales while maintaining profitability

3. Execute

Let our team excuse the strategy we have proposed and we have both agreed on.

4. Report

We have weekly calls to review the execution of plans which include reporting and analytics.  We ensure you always have full transparency.

Why do I need an Agency to Manage my Amazon Business?

Working with an Amazon Agency could mean the difference between a successful product launch or a flop. beBOLD will be able to provide you with expert advice, tailored strategies, and help you take full advantage of all the potential opportunities available on the Amazon platform.

From taking care of your initial setup and ongoing account management, to optimizing your product listings and developing effective marketing strategies, an account manager can help you make sure that you’re doing everything possible to get the best results for your business.

At beBOLD, we specialize in providing comprehensive Amazon Account Management Services designed to help companies of all sizes succeed on the platform. Our team of experienced professionals is committed to helping you maximize your sales potential and grow your business.

Amazon Account Management - Frequently Asked Questions

What is Amazon Account Management?

Amazon Account Management is a service offered by beBOLD that allows businesses to manage their presence on the Marketplace platform. It offers tailored solutions specific to each brand, optimized ads and promotions, order fulfillment solutions, analytics dashboard insights and integration solutions. All of this helps businesses maximize their potential for success on the Marketplace platform.

Should I Hire an Amazon Agency for my Amazon Business?

Hiring an Amazon agency is the best way to make sure your business goals are reached. beBOLD has a team of experts in various fields who can help you with anything from reaching new customers, increasing sales and decreasing costs for production time spent on marketing material - all while maximizing your ROI.

What is the cost of an Amazon Full Account Management service?

The cost of using Amazon Account Management services will depend on several factors, such as the number of products and categories you sell. Typically, however, most businesses can expect to pay anywhere from $3,500+ per month for an Amazon Full Account Management package.

What is the biggest benefit of using an Amazon Full Account Management service?

The biggest benefit of using a Full Account Management service is the personalized guidance and expert advice. A dedicated team with years of experience can help business owners optimize their presence on the Marketplace platform to maximize their sales potential and ensure customers have an enjoyable shopping experience every time.

beBOLD wants you as our Partner

By partnering with beBOLD today, you can trust us to maximize the success of your Amazon seller account or vendor account. We understand that managing and optimizing a successful account on this platform can be challenging, and it's not something to attempt to go at alone.

From product listing optimization to customizing advertising campaigns and handling customer service inquiries quickly and professionally, our experienced team of professionals will work hard for you and actively seek out ways to improve your Amazon business.

So, if you're feeling overwhelmed by your Amazon business needs, reach out to beBOLD today -discover how we can take the stress away so you can focus on what really matters: increase sales while maintaining profitability.

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