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Denny Smolinski, Beauty Entrepreneur + Tech Guru, has had a 15+ year career in the beauty industry.  Denny has owned a beauty product distribution company, one of the 1st people to sell on Amazon, created his own brand and was featured on HSN. 

Denny has been a business owner in the beauty industry so he understands distribution and retail channels.  Denny and his team will help you develop your Amazon Strategy to fit Your Brand.   

Even if you are not selling on Amazon now – We can almost guarantee your brand is on Amazon already.  Control your brand!  

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We stand behind our business practices and ethics.  Just ask our clients!

Denny and his team put together a plan for consistent growth on Amazon which not only allowed us to keep our business open during COVID but we grew 200%. All our products were available and optimized on Amazon which allowed us to capture sales because of retailers being closed.
SVP Sales
Denny and his team are very knowledgeable of the retail and professional beauty industry. Because of our distribution partnership already in place - Denny put together a plan to ensure both channels (distribution & Amazon) would compliment each other.

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