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The Ultimate Guide To Amazon Brand Store

Blog  /  The Ultimate Guide To Amazon Brand Store

Amazon Brand Store, a creative branding tool offered by Amazon is one of the most effective ways to reach target audience and build brand affinity. It enables sellers highest level of creative freedom than any other advertising tool and it works as a multi layered shopping destination or a landing page for your off-Amazon advertising campaigns. Read this article to get a detailed understanding of Amazon Stores. 


Try this when you Google “Bose Amazon” and see what happens.  The Bose Amazon Store is the 1st organic link that shows up or you can also call it the Bose landing page on Amazon.

Try to Google “Your Brand + Amazon” and see what shows up.

What Is Amazon Brand Store?

Amazon Store is a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) tool that allows sellers and vendors to showcase their unique brand and line of products through multiple catalog pages and high-quality media. This free service is exclusively provided so that the sellers can give their customers a rich, immersive and website-like shopping experience.

Amazon store is a self-service feature, which is why it is highly customizable and flexible in terms of structure, content and modules. The only requirement for sellers to set up their own store is Amazon Brand Registry.

How Can A Brand Store Benefit Your Business?

Amazon Stores allows you to connect with consumers in ways other advertising options and branding tools can’t. The interactive pages act as your own branded website within Amazon and give your shoppers the opportunity to discover, explore and learn about not just one but your complete line of products. If you are still in a dilemma whether you should make a brand store or not, then here are some of the benefits that will motivate you to build one:


#1: Drive Brand Awareness & Build Brand Affinity

Amazon Brand Stores are an excellent opportunity to convey your brand story to the customers. Because of the highly customizable templates and rich multi-media content, you can match your brand store to your website. You can choose from many of the available options like images, videos, headers, footers, content grids, scroll grids, content tiles and much more.

If created the right way, Amazon Stores helps your brand to build a unique identity amongst the pool of hundreds of other similar brands who are selling almost the same product as you. Amazon is one of the most (if not the most) competitive marketplace to sell products and creating a Brand Store will help you create a unique spot in the minds of the customers.

Create a brand store to boost your Amazon branding strategy, increase customer loyalty and overall sales volume.

#2: Highlight The Standout Features Of The Product With Eye-Catching Graphics

Use of rich multimedia options like images, content and video tiles can help you explain the shoppers why your product is the best. Just like you highlight your unique selling points in the Enhanced Brand Content, in Amazon Brand Store also you can bring out the standout features of the product by creating eye catching information-packed images and banners.

#3: Increase Visibility & Traffic

Amazon Stores are a great way to leverage both on-Amazon and off-Amazon traffic. You get the features products or your whole product selection in front of more eyeballs.

  • Internal Traffic: Your Amazon Store can be used as a landing page for Sponsored Brand Ads. You can either direct the shoppers towards your Amazon Brand Store home page or other pages.
  • External Traffic: The external traffic you get from off-Amazon activities like Google and social media marketing can be diverted towards your Amazon Store. Each Amazon Brand Store has its own URL. You can also customize the URL according to your choice e.g., and use this URL as a landing page in your off-Amazon advertising campaigns. Now, you can also measure the success of your off-Amazon campaigns, thanks to the Amazon Attribution Program

Also, Amazon Brand Stores are optimized for both mobiles and desktop shopping experience, which allows you to catch the attention of shoppers at home and remote.

Pro Tip for using Amazon Brand Store in external campaigns:

The most beneficial perk of using Amazon Brand Store is that you can use off-Amazon also. You can use your Brand Store as a landing page for all of your advertising campaigns outside Amazon, like email campaigns, marketing and social media campaigns, blog posts and videos.

You can also use source tags to track the performances of these campaigns. How can you do it? Create a custom source tag for your campaigns and add it to any of your store page URL. You can then use this URL in your campaign. Because of the tag in the URL, the sessions and other important KPIs will be tracked in the ‘Store Insights’ tool.

Tags to your external URLs are unlimited and have no expiry date, but tag metrics are dependent on the below two factors:

  • Only tags in the top 100 rankings by visitors for the time range you assign will be analyzed in Insights
  • Insights and tags must meet a minimum number of visitors in order to be analyzed in Insights

#4: A Platform For Launching Products

Amazon Brand Stores are a great channel to launch new products as it allows you to reach a maximum number of existing as well as new customers. This is because these Brand Stores are not just exclusive to Amazon. They can be used in all of your marketing campaigns and you can also include them in your ads, social media platforms, website and press releases, or link them in your YouTube videos or Instagram stories. You can also dedicate a page in your Amazon Store for New Releases, where you can showcase all of your new and recently launched products. A well-designed Amazon Store helps you to reach a huge audience easier, faster and more effectively.

Structure Of Amazon Store:

Amazon-Store-Templates-3-1024x576-1Amazon Brand Stores are very flexible and completely customizable, so it is up to you to design it in such a way that it best represents your brand. Amazon provides you with a Blank template (where you can take image and content tiles as per your choice) and three pre-set templates (where you just need to fill the tiles with content and bring your dream store to life). The three pre-set templates may vary, depending on the product category. Let us discuss each of them:

  • The Marquee: This template works great for displaying a part of your product offerings. It has a separate space for eye-catching imagery, content, customer quotes, etc.
  • The Showcase: Ideal for those who want a less-text, image-heavy Amazon Store. This template has a lot of space for visual imagery and rich content.
  • Product Grid: Suitable for brands who just want to showcase their wide selection of products and their prices in a to-the-point way.

How To Build A Brand Store?

Creating an Amazon Store is a simple and intuitive process. All the sellers enrolled in Brand Registry are eligible to create an Amazon Store. Once your brand is successfully registered, login into your Seller Central or Vendor Central account. On the “Stores” tab, click on “Manage Stores” and select one of the four templates. On the basis of the template you choose, you will have the option to populate the tiles with a header image, logo, enticing lifestyles and infographic imagery, videos, text description and CTA buttons.

Let us understand each of multi-media content in detail:


#1 Header Image:

This is the horizontal image that stretches across the top of your Amazon Brand Store. As it is the feature image that your customer will see first, it should announce your brand in a powerful way. You can either use a larger-than-life lifestyle image or display your branded image, but your main focus should be highlighting your logo and brand.  Less is more when it comes to text in the hero image because it should be more of a visual retreat.  The minimum dimension of the hero image is 3000 x 600.

#2 Text Tiles:

For the text tiles, try to be as descriptive as possible, but at the same time, just don’t throw all the information you have, or else customers might lose interest. You can describe the unique features of the product, list their uses, how can they used, etc. The text limit for each tiles are different, like 10 lines, 20 lines, etc. so make sure you look at the limit before populating the fields.

#3 Image Tiles:

Use enticing, high quality and professionally clicked images. Make sure that they showcase your product properly. You can also use lifestyle and product-in-use images so that the customers see how your product can be used and how it functions.

#4 Product + Text Tiles:

In some of the product tiles, you can also add text. Make sure you write the name of the product properly and keep it in between 4 to 8 words. Do not forget to mention the crucial product information like model name, compatibility, pack of information, etc. The image and text should focus on the main product and should not be too disrupting.

Whenever it comes to Amazon Store, your text and images should be in sync with your brand voice and should clearly communicate how your brand can benefit the customers.

Submitting Amazon Store and Approval Process:

Once you are done uploading the text, images and products, it’s time to submit the Amazon Store. Click on “Submit for Publishing” to activate the review and approval process. Amazon will approve or ask you to make some changes as per the Amazon Brand Store guidelines. To make sure, your Amazon Store is not rejected, do a thorough check for the following things:

  • Make sure there are no grammatical errors or spelling mistakes or punctuation errors
  • Check the preview for desktop as well as mobile devices
  • Check the text in the images and make sure it’s easy to read. Remove any blurry or grainy text
  • Make sure there are no image or branding inconsistencies
  • There should be no issues with navigation, image tiles and content tiles


Once you submit, you cannot make any changes in the draft until Amazon reviews the Amazon Store. The review and approval process can take up to 72 hours.

For Amazon, Brands Are Above All

It is very clear that if you want to sell in an uber-competitive marketplace like Amazon, nothing works better than building a brand name. Think of it, why do people agree to pay double the price for Yeti Coolers and not for any other coolers even when the features and quality are 90% similar? That’s right, brand name. And branding tools like Amazon Store can help you with that.

Leveraging Amazon Stores can help you present your entire product portfolio and also offers an opportunity to highlight your bestseller and new arrivals. But you can have all these advantages only if it is created strategically by experts. If you need any help in creating an Amazon Store for your brand on Amazon, then Contact Us.


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Do you want more growth?

Hey, we are beBOLD.   We are determined to make your Amazon & Walmart business grow.  Our only question is, will it be yours business?

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