Case Study

Sephora Beauty Brand sees 40% Overall Growth by Taking Control of all Channels

A beauty brand sold on their own D2C website and Sephora couldn't believe that their brand was already being sold on Amazon and  How could this happen they said?

Case Study: Sephora Brand Takes Control and See Growth

40 %

Overall Sales Increase

100 %

Pricing & Branding Control

20 %

In Store Sales (Sephora)

The Premium Beauty Brand

This social media sensation beauty brand was build was being sold through their D2C and just entered into all Sephora stores. The brand continued to see success but their sales where slowing. To continue growth the options for most brands are:

  1. Add new products
  2. Add new sales channels (in the same country)
  3. Add international sales
  4. or all of it if resources permit

The Problem

This particular beauty brand choose to add new sales channels which were Amazon and To their surprise their products were already listings on both of these marketplaces already and they said "how can this be". The simple answer is retail arbitrage.

The issues that they notices where:

  • Wrong Brand Name
  • Wrong Product Title, Description, Size and Ingredients
  • Incorrect Images
  • Pricing either Discounted or Too High
  • Negative Reviews based on wrong pricing or expired product
  • Full Product Selection Not Available
  • No Insights into Sales

Another concern of the brand is: What would Sephora think or do?

In my personal opinion I think Sephora appreciates the brand taking control so there are no inconsistencies in pricing and branding. The Sephora customer is a loyal customer and they are not going to leave. But if Sephora is out of stock for a particular item, where does the customer turn to next - Ulta, Amazon, or etc

The Results

Within 6 months the beauty brand saw a 40% growth overall from taking control of all channels. The brand saw growth in:

  • Organic Sales
  • Advertising Sales
  • In store sales (Sephora)
  • Interest and exposure to to international opportunities

This was all the result of setting a uniform pricing, optimized product titles and descriptions and accurate images across all channels.

The beauty brand can now continue to grow by targeting new markets, developing new products and advertising their brand on the channels that are most profitable for them.

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