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What is Amazon ASIN Number and How to Find it?

Blog  /  What is Amazon ASIN Number and How to Find it?

what is an Amazon ASIN

ASIN – Amazon standard ID numbers. The bar codes have to be on products. The site is used by Amazon for the tracking of inventory counterfeit sales. Amazon offers a range of features unrivalled by any other e-commerce marketplace.

Amazon's catalog includes nearly 350 million products which surpass Google as the most searched website on the Web. Amazon is an important online retail outlet for several retailers.

ASIN numbers is an alphanumeric number that uniquely distinguishes products in Amazon. the index catalog pages This unique number can be assigned to any new products created through Most Amazon products include ASINs, except book titles.

What does ASIN stand for?

ASIN stands for Amazon Standard Identification Number.

It's a unique block of 10 letters and/or numbers that identify items. Books, for instance, are identified by ASIN or by the International Standard Book Number (ISBN). assigns an ASIN to every product that is uploaded to its catalogue, making it easy to find and classify.

Each ASIN is unique to a particular product detail page, and the specific country's Amazon marketplace where it's listed.

What does ASIN mean on Amazon?

ASIN is used on Amazon to identify items in its catalogue. Each product gets its own unique ASIN when it's created and this can be used to search for the item on many online retailers and Amazon, no matter which marketplace or country it's listed in.

It's important that an accurate ASIN is assigned to each product as customers rely on the accuracy of the information provided by Amazon.

It's also critical for sellers to use the correct ASIN when listing a product in their ecommerce business in order to ensure they're targeting the right customers and making accurate sales projections.

How Can I Find My Amazon ASIN Number?

You can find Amazon ASINs for your products at various points: You can search the web address in bar for the product you'd like to sell. The Amazon ASIN is followed by a description of the item, pictured below.


The ASIN for this example is 'B0215UKRNGS'. The ASIN is found on the product detail page below the product description. Use software to lookup ASIN numbers.

There are thousands of products you can search for the specific website address of the product. You could rather use online tools that will retrieve your product information and return your ASIN number.

What is difference between SKU and ASIN?

A SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) is a unique identifier used by retailers to track products in their inventory. A SKU may contain letters, numbers or a combination of both and is typically assigned by the retailer and not the manufacturer.

On the other hand, an ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) is a unique identifier assigned by Amazon for every product sold on their platform. It is a 10 letter/number combination and is assigned by Amazon to the same product and manufacturer.

ASINs are universal and can be used to identify products across different countries, while SKUs are specific to the seller’s inventory management system.

In conclusion, both SKU and ASIN help retailers track products in their inventory and allow consumers to identify what they are buying.

However, ASINs provide more valuable information such as product descriptions and pricing that can be used to supplement SKU numbers when tracking products.

How can I find ASIN?

The most straight-forward way to find an ASIN is by searching on for the product you are looking for and it should appear in the address bar of your browser window when you locate the product page.


If not, look for a tab labeled "Product Details" on the item's page, which will generally contain the product url ASIN code.

Additionally, you can use third-party tools such as the Amazon Product Advertising API to search for and find the ASIN(s. The API allows you to search by keyword, ISBN, or manufacturer.

Once you have the ASIN code, you can use it to scrape product information from Amazon such as the item's pricing and availability. This is especially useful if you are looking for a large number of ASINs for comparison shopping.

Knowing the ASIN for a product is also essential if you plan to sell products through Amazon's marketplace, as it helps them accurately associate your product with its listing on their site.


What is an example of an Amazon ASIN number?

An example of an Amazon ASIN number is B09HR5KSR8. This number is assigned to a particular item by Amazon, which in this case happens to be a beauty product “K18 Leave-In Molecular Repair Hair Mask, 15 ml”.

This unique combination of numbers and letters can be used to search for products on Amazon, ensuring that customers receive accurate product information.

Other items sold on amazon. may have very different ASINs depending on their manufacturer, type, and country of origin.

It is important to use the correct ASIN when listing products on amazon seller as it allows Amazon's catalogue to accurately associate them with their corresponding listings.

This ensures that customers are able to find the right item easily and quickly.

Importance of ASIN Number


How important are ASINs? This tool allows you to see the products in your inventory and search the Amazon website for the catalog pages you have accessed. ASIN numbers form the base for Amazons product reference catalog data structure that provides support:

  • For pricing, tracking and inventory updates.
  • To organize products in your eCommerce store.
  • To monitor sales performance of a product over time as well as to track the movement of that product across channels or marketplaces.
  • To measure customer reviews and ratings for each item listed on Amazon.
  • And ultimately, to provide a unique identifier for each item in your product inventory.

The Amazon ASIN number is an essential part of the eCommerce ecosystem and serves as a way to keep track of products, pricing, stock levels and customer reviews across different marketplaces.

This information helps businesses make informed decisions about their product selection and marketing strategies. It also allows them to better manage their inventory and pricing, leading to improved customer satisfaction.

As such, businesses should take advantage of the power offered by ASIN numbers to ensure they are able to keep pace with their competition and serve their customers in the best way possible.

Using ASINs

The ASIN can be re-used by retailers or resellers using the ASIN as part of their product marketing plan. Amazon also blocks new ASIN creation for similar items already mentioned as they create a new ASIN result.

ASINs can be shared across the global in each of the countries that Amazon does business in. ASINs can be reused easily without having to add an identity to any product on any subsidiary as the ASIN is not unique.

Why ASINs are important for Amazon sellers?

Why does that number matter to sellers on Amazon? There is plenty of content available at Amazon and is expanding constantly. Online retailers need to make sure their catalog is accessible.

A reference system was introduced for ASIN. The app was also used by Amazon to track inventory, monitor goods movement in storage facilities and to locate catalog pages for searches.

Adding ASINs to a listing

You have the option of utilizing an existing ASIN from Amazon or creating a completely new ASIN. ASINs are not exclusive to sellers.

So, for any other seller that has a similar Amazon ASIN, the same ASIN is available. Amazon has been keeping its catalog order by only focusing on a single ASIN.

Therefore, Amazon doesn't allow importing ASINs from other platforms. Ignoring it could mean a temporary – or definite – suspension of your sales accounts. Almost all duplicate items on Amazon are combined.

What Is the ASIN Creation Policy?

Amazon has become an iconic brand thanks in large part to their free, exceptional customer service strategy. They generally restrict new ASINs for a brand registered on branded products by salespersons not associated directly with the brand owners.

The ASIN can be changed in a name or company if an error is received because there is no connection with the brand. You can also ask for approval for a brand identity if you describe a brand identity which is valid identifier does not contain a corresponding ASIN. It takes less time determining the validity if we get all necessary data in our first contact.

What is Amazon's Product Variation Policy?

Amazon sellers are often concerned about product differences and parent/child relationship when looking for ASIN information.

Variation enables consumers to compare and buy products according to specific characteristics like size, color or other attributes. How can variations appear for a buyer of Amazon?

The variant product contains an already existing ASIN numbers and a parents name. Amazon also has rules regarding listing variants.

The government also prohibited several practices to stop the use or fundamental modification in children's products relating to the parent child relationships or their ASIN numbers by a manufacturer or distributor.

Continue reading Amazon' s Variation Relationship Policy.

Using an existing Amazon ASIN

The retailer and the reseller may use the ASIN code in their lists if necessary. A product listing can be created using Amazon’s ‘Add a Product’ tool on a seller Central website by typing an existing product's url ASIN.

The list is available on Amazon for your search. If you choose the ASIN for putting create a new listing in your database, you should ensure that it matches the ASIN. Occasionally, your visitors may receive an alternative product.

Having such an issue means you could get negative feedback and this could negatively impact your seller's ratings!

The Benefit of Creating New ASIN Numbers

Amazon continues its growing product catalogue across several categories. But that means Amazon is now viewed as being a seller central account very lucrative marketplace for new sellers.

When you create an new ASIN you are now considered the one selling the item on Amazon for the product. No more competing directly against another seller. It is a good strategy for winning the Amazon buy box and maximizing sales.

Buying new products at Amazon must take into account the price and competition. Is the seller offering the ASIN already there?

ASIN lookup tools

As we have previously mentioned, you can find and manage multiple ASIN numbers with software or special applications - not only for a quick solution but for an effective service that helps you to make more sales and optimize your list.

These tools are able to retrieve ASINs for any item, allowing you to research new product, prices and get insights on how well your products are doing in the market.

Other Product Identifiers: ASIN vs. GTIN vs. UPC vs. ISBN

Many product identification codes are applied in commercial business world. During global trading, the ASIN is Amazon's unique identification code.

  • ISBN (International Standard Book Number): 10 digits or 13 digits
  • UPC (Universal Product Code): 12 digits
  • EAN (European Article Number): 13 digits
  • GTIN-14 (Global Trade Item Number): 14 digits

ISBN codes are used to identify books, UPCs and EANs for products sold in stores, and GTIN-14"s is a type of barcode used for international product identification.


In conclusion, Amazon ASINs play a fundamental role in the operation of Amazon's vast online marketplace for other sellers. The unique identifiers aid in keeping Amazon's extensive product catalog organized and allow sellers to manage their product listings efficiently.

However, the complex policies surrounding the creation and use of ASINs can be daunting for many sellers. That's where services like beBOLD come in. By leveraging beBOLD's expertise in Amazon's ASIN system, sellers can navigate the marketplace more effectively.

With beBOLD's assistance, sellers can make sure their products are correctly listed and easily discoverable, potentially increasing their sales and improving their Amazon business's overall performance.

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