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Amazon Marketing Cloud for Beauty Brands: How It Works & How To Use It

Blog  /  Amazon Marketing Cloud for Beauty Brands: How It Works & How To Use It

Amazon Marketing Cloud for Beauty Brands

Advertisers and beauty brands have been eagerly waiting for Amazon to open up its customer data for some time now. And with the recent release of Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC), that wait is finally over. Amazon Marketing Cloud offers an impressive suite of tools that will help advertisers better understand how customers interact with their brand on Amazon. Not only that, but it also gives advertisers access to custom data sets that they can use to improve their marketing efforts. This is a huge step forward for Amazon and should be exciting news for beauty brands everywhere!

What is Amazon Marketing Cloud?

Amazon Marketing Cloud is a cloud-based data service that provides advertisers with the ability to perform different types of analytics and use custom data sets. This is an exciting feature because it shows that Amazon is finally loosening its grip on coveted customer data. This will help advertisers and individual brands determine how valuable Amazon advertising really is at all stages of the customer buying journey.

Some of the key features of Amazon Marketing Cloud include:

  • The ability to create custom data sets
  • A wide range of analytical tools to measure campaign performance
  • The ability to connect with Amazon customers at all stages of their buying journey

When it comes to beauty, Amazon Marketing Cloud has a lot to offer. From hair care and makeup to skincare and fragrance, there is a wide range of beauty products that can be marketed through this platform. And because Amazon can connect with customers at all stages of their buying journey, beauty advertisers can maximize the potential of this Amazon ads platform.

So, if you're a beauty advertiser or brand, Amazon Marketing Cloud is definitely worth exploring. And to help you get started, we've put together a quick guide on how to use it. Keep reading to learn more!

How does Amazon Marketing Cloud work?

Amazon Marketing Cloud works with instances. These instances contain data from only one advertiser at a time. In Amazon DSP, an advertiser can be represented by one or more "Advertiser IDs" or "Entity IDs" within the Advertising Console for Sponsored Ads. 

Amazon Marketing Cloud protects customer privacy by only returning aggregate analytics. This means that no individual user data is ever returned from the Amazon Marketing Cloud. In order to protect customer privacy, all aggregations must contain a minimum of one hundred users.

Protect First-Party Data Privacy

One of the top objectives for eCommerce companies is to maintain their consumer data private. This first-party data you obtain from marketplace ad intelligence platforms is crucial for outperforming the competition in your sector.

Amazon Marketing Cloud uses pseudonymization to keep your data safe from third-party access. This ensures that Amazon does not have access to your data and may not export it for any reason. Only you may control the dataset uploads, and each report is exported as a CSV file.

AMC provides each advertiser with its own data clean room environment, ensuring the utmost protection. This cloud-based solution will pull the reins in the appropriate direction as long as you have a knowledgeable technical expert who is familiar with SQL and a live campaign to start working on.

The Benefits of using Amazon Marketing Cloud for Beauty Brands

The benefits are numerous. For one, beauty brands can use Amazon Marketing Cloud to target potential customers who have shown an interest in similar products. Additionally, beauty brands can use AMZ to create custom audiences and lookalike audiences for targeting purposes. This is valuable because it allows beauty brands to specifically target individuals who are more likely to convert into paying customers.

Another benefit of using the Amazon Marketing Cloud for beauty brands is that the Amazon Marketing Cloud provides access to customer purchase data. This data is immensely valuable because it allows beauty brands to track the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns and make necessary adjustments accordingly. Additionally, this data can be used to improve future advertising campaigns by targeting key demographics that are more likely to convert into paying customers.

Overall, Amazon Marketing Cloud is a powerful tool that beauty brands can use to improve their advertising campaigns and better target potential customers. If you’re a beauty brand looking to take your advertising to the next level, then consider using Amazon Marketing Cloud.

Have questions or want help getting started with Amazon Advertising? Contact us today and one of our experts will be in touch! We offer full-service management of Amazon Advertising accounts as well as à la carte services like campaign optimization, negative keyword discovery, and ad copy testing.

How Advertisers for Beauty Brands can use Amazon Marketing Cloud

Creative sign with the text - Big Data

Campaign deep-dive

Inspect campaign reach, frequency, and total impact across the marketing funnel.

Audience insights

Learn about the composition of ad-exposed audiences and the attributes of engaging audience groups.

Journey assessment

Analyze the sequence, frequency, and types of audience interactions on the path to conversion.

Custom attribution

Tailor how you credit different touchpoints to understand the full contribution of different media and campaigns.

Omni-channel impact

Evaluate how Amazon media campaigns drive engagement and sales on and off Amazon.

Media mix analysis

A media mix is an essential part of marketing and advertising. Read on to learn about media mix marketing, media mix optimization, media mix modeling, and how to incorporate these in your marketing strategy.

A media mix, or marketing mix, is the combination of communication methods in which brands can reach their desired audiences. To understand what this means, consider these four elements:

  • Product
  • People
  • Place
  • Promotion
  • Price

A media mix encompasses all the possible ways a product reaches its chosen audience(s)—or people—through avenues like traditional advertising, grassroots marketing, digital advertising, social media, email, and landing pages. Those methods are the third element in the marketing mix: place.

Perhaps Brand A reaches audiences through digital-only campaigns. Their media mix could be a combination of sponsored ads, amazon dsp, diplay ads, social media ads, and native advertising.

Perhaps Brand B prefers to reach audiences through traditional methods. Their media mix might look like transit signage, direct mail, and TV and radio spots.

These are only some of the tactics that brands can use for promotion, which spans advertising, public relations, and other ways to share your message. When it comes to advertising, many brands find a mix of traditional and digital media to be the most cost-effective approach, accounting for the highest ROI (return on investment) for the price—the fifth and final element of the marketing mix.

How to set up your Amazon Marketing Cloud account

Amazon Marketing Cloud is currently available in beta for eligible agencies, advertisers, and tool providers in North America, Europe, Japan, and Australia. As a beauty brand looking to create an Amazon Marketing Cloud account, you would have to work with an Amazon ads partner such as beBOLD Digital.


Tips for using Amazon Marketing Cloud to reach more customers

Amazon Marketing Cloud helps you understand your customers better. It does this by combining data from different sources. This way, you can see how people interact with your business across different types of media. Amazon Marketing Cloud also includes information on people's search activities. This way, you can better target your advertising efforts.

A media mix is also crucial to marketing strategies today because every purchase is a result of more than one element. The price, product, promotion, place, and people all play a role. This is explained in more detail in this blog by Amazon.

You can see a lot of growth in retail media if you use your budget effectively. You can also improve your results by overlaying these reports with a full-funnel approach to paid search.

Case study: CPG brand turns to Amazon Marketing Cloud to capture unique insights

A CPG brand utilized a combination of streaming TV ads, also known as over-the-top (OTT), and display ads to promote their flagship products. They wanted to better understand the effectiveness of streaming TV campaigns in delivering incremental audience reach, and the impact of streaming TV ads and display ads on lower-funnel actions.

Performing analysis in Amazon Marketing Cloud

The brand partnered with Amazon Advertising data science teams to evaluate event-level data sets in Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC), Amazon Advertising’s new holistic measurement and analytics solution. With AMC, the brand was able to enrich their advertising measurement and perform custom analytics in a secure, privacy-safe, and dedicated cloud-based environment.

Discovering unique insights on media performance

Through AMC and the Amazon Advertising data science team, the brand discovered that adding streaming TV to their existing display ad buys drove incremental reach and conversions. Specifically:

  • 92% of the audience reached by their streaming TV ad campaigns was a net-new audience that was not reached by their existing Amazon DSP campaigns
  • Audiences exposed to both streaming TV ads and display ads were 2x more likely to make a purchase than those exposed to only one media type

Amazon Marketing Cloud: Frequently Asked Questions

Does Amazon use Marketing cloud?

Advertisement companies are now able to see thousands of fields about Amazon's advertising campaigns including ad impressions clicked and conversions.

Does Amazon have an ad network?

Yes, Amazon DSP can be used by advertisers that sell on Amazon or by others who don't? Are you listing advertisements on Amazon? The ads can be ordered through Amazon DSP.

What is marketing on Amazon?

Amazon marketing consists of actions for promoting or selling a product on Amazon and includes the following: Amazon Advertisement – Utilizing native Amazon advertising formats.

What is Amazon marketing services AMS?

AMS is a collective term used for several Amazon products for sellers, such as Amazon sponsored items. In September 2018, Amazon rebranded several features as Amazon ad campaigns.

Amazon Marketing Cloud Conclusion

Amazon Marketing Cloud is a great fit for beauty brands. If you’re looking to increase your online presence and drive more sales, Amazon Marketing Cloud is the right solution for you. With our help, we can get your brand up and running on Amazon and help you see an increase in traffic and conversions. Ready to take your business to the next level? Contact us today to learn more about Amazon Marketing Cloud and how it can benefit your beauty brand.

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