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Success in the Amazon Skincare Category: 7 Advertising Tips

Blog  /  Success in the Amazon Skincare Category: 7 Advertising Tips

Success in the Amazon Skincare Category: Advertising Tips

As one of the most prominent digital marketplaces, Amazon draws the biggest crowds and presents the most promising opportunities to sellers. Its vast digital aisles are full of sellers of all sizes, from individuals operating from their homes to big corporations. With the sheer volume of competitors vying for attention, breaking through this saturation can feel impossible.

The skincare niche, in particular, requires strategic approaches to outshine the multitude of offerings available to consumers. Advertising is a powerful tool for carving out your space and capturing the attention of potential customers. This guide will provide indispensable advertising tips to elevate your Amazon skincare brand.

Understanding the Amazon Skincare Market

Among small and medium-sized businesses on Amazon, 26% of sellers in 2022 were reported selling products in the Beauty and Personal Care category.  To succeed in this marketplace, a comprehensive grasp of consumer preferences and market trends is vital. Makeup and skincare products are the first and third most purchased products in this section, making skincare a highly contested but high-potential product category.

This dynamic context reinforces the imperative for sellers to offer quality products and strategically position and promote their skincare offerings to capture the attention of discerning Amazon customers.

amazon skincare market

7 Amazon Advertising Strategies for Skincare Brands

An effective Amazon advertising strategy is pivotal for standing out amidst the multitude of skincare offerings. A beauty brand has to balance product visibility, compelling customer engagement, and brand credibility. Here are seven Amazon advertising strategies to boost your efforts.

1. Optimize product listings

Begin by ensuring your product titles and descriptions adequately highlight the unique benefits of your skincare items. . Visually rich content typically leads to bigger traffic, engagement, and sales, so utilize high-quality images to showcase your product’s effectiveness, texture, and packaging.

Engaging listings also attract potential customers and contribute to a positive shopping experience, potentially enhancing brand loyalty.

2. Conduct keyword research and targeting

Recognize the power of relevant keywords in your category. Conduct thorough research to understand the language customers use when searching for skincare products. Tailor your advertising content with these keywords to enhance visibility. Strategic keyword targeting will ensure your products appear in search results that matter most to your audience.

An Amazon SEO consultant can help you identify ideal keywords – ones that are underutilized but hold high potential with your target audience. 

3. Use Sponsored Products

Amazon has a suite of tools for on-site advertising. Sponsored Products lets you bid for specific keywords under which your products will feature. This tool can be a quick and easy way to take center stage for contested words. Successful Sponsored Product campaigns can elevate your promotional efforts and drive heightened awareness for your brand.

Proper Amazon ad management means constantly calculating your return on ad spend to ensure you’re getting the most out of your campaign.

4. Leverage Amazon Demand-Side Platform (DSP)

The Amazon Advertising DSP is another tool skincare brands can use to amplify their advertising efforts. This service lets you reach a broader audience both on and off Amazon. Tailor your DSP strategy for each platform you target, utilizing customer data to maximize the impact of your advertising budget.

5. Harness social proof and reviews

Besides paid tools like Sponsored Products and Amazon DSP ads, you can also harness the power of social proof. Skincare customers value authenticity and peer recommendations, so leverage customer reviews by encouraging satisfied buyers to share their experiences. Incorporate positive testimonies into your advertising material to build trust and credibility.

Apply for and highlight any awards, certifications, or endorsements to validate your skincare products’ effectiveness and quality even further.

6. Share your story with A+ Content

A+ Content is an in-house feature that allows you to include visually appealing and informative content to provide a richer shopping experience. Showcase your brand story, highlight key ingredients, and emphasize the unique selling points of your skincare line through this tool.

You may be familiar with this service’s previous name – Enhanced Brand Content. A+ Content is the same service with a new coat of paint.

7. Implement limited-time offers and promotions

Create a sense of urgency and excitement by incorporating limited-time offers and promotions. Discounts, bundle deals, and exclusive skincare sets drive conversions and prompt customers to make faster purchasing decisions. You can either host your own promotions or take part in Amazon’s Lightning Deals to improve your visibility.

Advertising Strategies for Amazon Skincare Sellers: 5 FAQs Answered

Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Amazon and skincare vendors.

1. What makes skincare advertising unique on Amazon?

The visual nature of the beauty industry makes skincare advertising unique on Amazon. High-quality images and compelling descriptions are vital amid a sea of similar products. Effective differentiation and targeted keywords are key for capturing customer attention. Sellers can also leverage tools such as Sponsored Products, A+ Content, Amazon’s Choice, and many others.

2. How often should I adjust my skincare advertising strategy?

The frequency of adjusting your skincare advertising strategy depends on various factors, including market trends, competition, and campaign performance. Regularly monitor vital metrics, such as click-through and conversion rates, and adjust accordingly. Keep a close eye on any emerging trends you can capitalize on for an easy boost.

3. Are there specific regulations for advertising skincare products on Amazon?

Yes, there are specific regulations all Amazon merchants must abide by. Amazon’s policies require accurate ingredient information, clear claims, and compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Sellers must stay informed about and compliant with Amazon’s advertising guidelines when advertising on the site.

4. Should I invest more in Sponsored Products or DSP for skincare?

This decision depends on your specific goals. Sponsored Products are effective for targeted visibility within search results, while Amazon DSP offers a broader, less focused reach outside of Amazon. Whether you prioritize maximizing visibility within the platform or creating a brand presence across various platforms will determine the most suitable investment.

5. How can I leverage influencer marketing for skincare on Amazon

Influencers can significantly impact your brand. Identify influencers with a genuine connection to the beauty and skincare niche, then collaborate with them to promote your products. Authentic endorsements from influencers can enhance credibility and reach a broader, more engaged audience to complement your advertising campaign.

Radiant Results with Amazon Skincare Advertising

Success in the ever-evolving Amazon Beauty category hinges on adaptability. Its dynamic nature demands constant refinement, and brands must embrace change and stay attuned to trends and consumer preferences.

Ready to achieve radiant results? Take the bold step and connect with beBOLD Digital. We’re a verified Amazon full-service agency specializing in beauty brands. We accept any challenge and guarantee sustainable growth and profitability in the world’s most competitive online marketplace.


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Hey, we are beBOLD.   We are determined to make your Amazon & Walmart business grow.  Our only question is, will it be yours business?

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