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6 Walmart Search Ranking Factors + (SEO Tips to Rank Better)

Blog  /  6 Walmart Search Ranking Factors + (SEO Tips to Rank Better)

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A high search ranking can make a difference in a business’s success on platforms like Walmart. Here, competition is fierce and consumers have virtually limitless options. If you’re considering selling your products on the site, you must understand how certain factors impact your Walmart ranking to achieve better results.

This article will help explore the critical factors influencing search rankings on the retailing site and tips to implement a strong Walmart SEO strategy, helping your company stand out and drive sales.

6 Walmart Search Ranking Factors to Know

walmart search ranking factors, walmart ranking

As one of the largest retailers in the world, Walmart’s marketplace offers an opportunity for your company to reach a broad audience and grow your business. However, distinguishing yourself from the competition can be challenging with thousands of products available. 

Here are some crucial ranking factors you need to know to help boost sales and visibility on the platform.

1. Product titles, descriptions, and attributes

These elements provide essential information about your product to Walmart’s algorithm and help it understand the context and relevance of what you’re trying to market to buyers. Optimizing your listings according to what the platform’s system typically prefers can boost your visibility and click-through rates, which may result in higher conversion rates.

2. Product reviews and ratings

When your product boasts good ratings and reviews, it indicates to the search algorithm that it’s a popular and high-quality item, making it more likely to appear at the top of search results. Besides that, favorable metrics can help improve customers’ trust in your product and increase the likelihood of a purchase.

3. Pricing and availability

Most buyers want to get the best price possible when shopping. So, Walmart designed its algorithm to feature reasonably priced products, ensuring shoppers get everything at the right price to avoid losing them to competitors. Moreover, it’s best always to have your items in stock, as Walmart rewards reliable sellers with top listing opportunities.

4. Seller performance metrics

Walmart tracks seller performance metrics such as order defect rates, on-time shipping, and customer service ratings. If you’re a seller with high-performance metrics, your Walmart SEO ranking will benefit from it, putting your products in a position to get recommended for your set keywords.


5. Product images and videos

High-quality photos and videos are integral to a successful Walmart SEO strategy. The retailing platform favors attractive listings that help customers visualize and learn more about the product, which can impact their decision to purchase your product.

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6. Product categorization and taxonomy

Correctly categorizing products can help ensure they appear in relevant search results. Walmart’s taxonomy is hierarchical, making it crucial for you to organize your products accurately based on their attributes and features.


6 Walmart SEO Tips to Rank Better

walmart seo, walmart ranking

For most, being able to put their products on Walmart is an opportunity that doesn’t come along often. It’s crucial to capitalize on everything the platform offers to help your business grow and maximize sales. The following tips and tricks help you create an effective Walmart SEO strategy.

1. Optimize product titles and descriptions

Walmart pays close attention to how you label your products and the descriptions you provide. To ensure you distinguish your products from similar offerings and get a higher Walmart rating, you must provide unique product names other sellers haven’t used before and descriptions that are compelling to attract customers but concise enough that it’s easily digestible. 

Moreover, it would help to include relevant keywords in both to increase your searchability on the site.

2. Encourage customers to leave reviews and ratings

An abundance of positive reviews and ratings left on your product page or site help Walmart identify you as a credible seller, thus boosting your ranking. One thing you can do to motivate customers to submit feedback is to incentivize them. 

You can give rewards like digital discount vouchers for reviews and ratings. Moreover, your customers will be more enthusiastic about providing their insights if your commenting system is much easier to navigate.

3. Utilize long-tail keywords

While uncommon, long-tail keywords can help help you boost your Walmart ranking and tap into a niche audience. Since long-tail keywords are more precise and less competitive, they can help you target more specific search queries and reach otherwise inaccessible segments with shorter, more generic keywords.

4. Monitor and maintain competitive pricing

It’s essential to monitor your competitors’ prices and adjust your pricing accordingly. Walmart’s algorithm considers pricing when ranking products, so competitive pricing can help improve your product’s visibility and increase sales.

You may independently monitor how other businesses value their items or request an inventory report to gain more concrete figures to help you accurately price your products.

5. Focus on building a strong brand reputation

A strong brand reputation can help increase customer trust and loyalty, translating into higher sales and better rankings. Utilizing social media, content marketing, and other branding strategies is ideal to build your brand and increase its visibility on Walmart.

6. Keep product categorization accurate and consistent

The platform has its product taxonomy, which is a hierarchical categorization system. Use this reference to categorize your products, as Walmart specifically designed it to work seamlessly with its search algorithms.

Alternatively, you may refer to Walmart’s guidelines for categorizing and labeling products. The retailer has specific rules regarding organizing and labeling your products, so adhering to them will help you avoid lower rankings.


Maximize Your Walmart Search Potential

Walmart is one of the biggest retailing platformers worldwide, and it’s not a surprise that many businesses are vying for a spot to market their products on it. However, with more companies constantly joining the fold, you must learn how to leverage Walmart’s algorithm to gain significant traction and sell your products to a broad audience.

We hope these tips help you gain the highest Walmart ranking possible.

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Hey, we are beBOLD.   We are determined to make your Amazon & Walmart business grow.  Our only question is, will it be yours business?

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6 Walmart Search Ranking Factors + (SEO Tips to Rank Better)

6 Walmart Search Ranking Factors + (SEO Tips to Rank Better)