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What Is Amazon A+ Content? Guidelines, Examples, Strategies

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In the bustling eCommerce arena, grabbing the attention of potential customers is essential for businesses looking to thrive. You need to be smart and quick to rise to the top of such a crowded market.

Fortunately, Amazon A+ Content offers a game-changing solution. Think of it as your secret weapon for creating standout product pages that inform and captivate buyers.

Take a look at electronics brand Sony as an example. With Premium A+ Content, they can add high-quality images and videos as well as well-written text to their Amazon product pages to highlight product features and answer customer queries. They see it as crucial for better reviews, fewer returns, and higher sales across their product range.

Are you ready to stand out on Amazon? Check this infographic to learn how to create A+ Content on Amazon and how to maximize it to drive sales and expand your market.

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what is amazon a+ content

What is Amazon A+ Content?

Amazon A+ Content is a content creation and management tool that allows sellers to personalize product descriptions beyond the platform’s standard limitations. In addition to text, you can add lifestyle photos, comparison charts, and other engaging components to convey your brand story and fully describe your product.

It’s similar to creating a detailed landing page for your products so your customers can make more informed purchasing decisions.

Additionally, it has an A/B testing feature that lets you see which Amazon A+ content design resonates more with your customers. You can compare different versions to determine which attracts customers more and entices them to purchase.

6 Benefits of Amazon A+ Content

Selling on Amazon entails more than just providing basic product descriptions. Discover why using Amazon A+ Content is essential for optimizing your listings and driving sales.

1. Improved visual appeal

Your customers can only learn so much from your eCommerce photos on Amazon. With Amazon A+ Content, you can use high-quality lifestyle images, videos, and graphics to enhance your product listing’s visual appeal.

Presenting your offerings in an aesthetically pleasing manner means creating a positive first impression and enticing customers to purchase. Ultimately, this improved visual presentation sets your products apart from competitors and enhances the overall shopping experience for customers.

2. Enhanced product information

When consumers find insufficient product information, they may abandon their carts and turn to your competitors. They may even have a negative impression of your brand.

Amazon A+ Content lets you provide comprehensive information about your products, exceeding the basic descriptions in standard listings. This additional content allows you to highlight key features, specifications, and benefits, addressing common customer questions and concerns.

Offering detailed product information boosts customer confidence and can alleviate doubts.

3. Increased customer trust

A 2022 study found that 60% of customers value trustworthiness and transparency the most in a brand. That said, it’s more important than ever to provide detailed product descriptions for your Amazon listings.

Amazon A+ Content enables you to showcase products professionally and polished, demonstrating your commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Providing transparent and detailed product information reassures customers about their purchase decisions, fostering reliability and building stronger relationships, which can lead to repeat business in the long run.

4. Boosted conversion rates

Amazon A+ Content is designed to boost conversions by combining visually appealing content with comprehensive product information. This approach creates a compelling shopping experience that encourages customers to take action.

By addressing common pain points and objections through detailed descriptions and visuals, you remove barriers to purchase and streamline the decision-making process. This strategy helps convert more browsing shoppers into satisfied buyers.

5. Competitive edge in search results

Every eCommerce brand dreams of ranking high on search results. After all, many people are only interested in the first few results they see, with chances of exploring the next search pages slimming as they scroll down. Hence, you must prioritize your Amazon ranking to gain customers.

Amazon A+ Content is a valuable tool in achieving this goal. It offers more space for keywords and images, which is essential for search engine optimization and click-through rates. Enhanced content makes your Amazon product pages stand out.

6. Cross-selling opportunities

Let’s say you run a smart home appliances brand that mainly sells vacuum cleaners. With Amazon A+ Content, you can showcase complementary products or accessories alongside your main offerings.

Consider featuring accessories like replacement filters, brush attachments, and storage solutions in the A+ Content modules. This enables your customers to see all essential components that improve their cleaning experience, potentially leading to additional purchases.

You can also use comparison charts to contrast between two vacuum models, further aiding your customers in making informed purchasing decisions.

These cross-selling tactics can raise your average order value and improve the overall shopping experience for customers.

Amazon A+ Content Guidelines

Eligibility Requirements for Amazon A+ Content

To enjoy Amazon A+ Content’s features, you must meet the following qualifications:

  • Registration in Amazon’s Brand Registry program
  • Must belong in all categories except for Books, Music, and DVD
  • Compliance with Amazon's content policies and guidelines

Other Amazon A+ Content Guidelines to Note

Once you meet the requirements above, it’s crucial to take note of the Amazon A+ content guidelines below:

Supported image file types (all in RGB colorspace and under 2MB)

  • JPEG
  • BMP
  • PNG

Image size requirements

  • Logo: 600 x 180 pixels
  • Banner: 970 x 300 pixels
  • Comparison Chart: 150 x 300 pixels
  • Four-Image & Text Module: 220 x 220 pixels
  • Four-Image Quadrant: 135 x 135 pixels
  • All others: 300 x 300 pixels

Text requirements

  • Short copies
  • Bullet points for citing product details
  • Spell out all numbers under 10
  • Consistent punctuation and serial (Oxford) commas
  • Title case for headers
  • Bold and italic formatting only for highlighting headings or a few words

Prohibited content

  • Animated images (e.g. GIFs)
  • Blurry or low-quality images 
  • Embedded text in images
  • Shipping details, QR barcodes, or personal information (e.g., phone numbers, addresses, or emails)
  • References to competitors (e.g., product comparisons)
  • Mentions of awards received more than two years ago 
  • Warranty or guarantee information and references to off-Amazon return or refund policies
  • Violations of Amazon policies, including restricted product policies, category requirements, or program policies
  • Hyperlinks, external web links, or language attempting to redirect to other sites inside or outside of Amazon (including your other products)
  • Image alt-text that doesn't accurately describe the image and isn't helpful for customers using screen reader applications
  • Grammatical errors, punctuation errors, misspellings, strings of all-caps text, abusing font features, or unnecessary or repeated information 
  • Languages other than the one specified in the content, including HTML tags
  • Quotes or attributions to individuals, customers, or other private figures
  • Time-sensitive information such as “now,” “new,” “latest,” or “yet”
  • Images or text that attempt to mimic Amazon logos, detail page headings, or details

What is Premium A+ Content?

Premium Amazon A+ Content is a more comprehensive version of the standard A+ Content, offering additional modules and features to enhance product listings on the platform.

You may wonder: do you need Premium A+ Content since it offers more features? It depends on your current resources and goals. Here are some key differences you should take note of.


A+ Content

Premium A+ Content


Generally available to professional sellers enrolled in Amazon's Brand Registry

Requires an A+ brand story published on the ASIN catalog and a minimum of 15 A+ content approvals in the past 12 months

Access to features

Basic multimedia features for content creation

Advanced features, customization options, and a more dynamic and interactive presentation


  • 17 standard modules
  • Up to 5 modules per page
  • 17 standard and 17 interactive modules
  • Up to 7 modules per page

Interactive elements

Limited interactivity, such as basic comparison charts and images

More interactive elements like videos, clickable Q&A sections, interactive comparison charts, hotspots, and testimonials

Maximum content width

970 pixels

1464 pixels

6 Strategies for Amazon A+ Content

It’s not enough to just put images and text together to describe products. Here are some tips on how to create A+ content on Amazon that can drive sales and convert customers.

1. Craft a compelling brand story

What does your brand stand for? What’s your mission and vision? Amazon A+ content is a great way to show what your business is all about. You can write a cohesive narrative that can create a memorable impression among customers and differentiate yourself from other brands.

2. Optimize images for impact

Sometimes, a product propped against a white background is not enough to convince customers, especially visual learners.

Hence, select high-quality, visually appealing images that effectively showcase your products' features and benefits. Use clear, well-lit, and properly formatted images to grab attention and encourage customers to explore further.

3. Strategically place text modules

Large blocks of text can be visually overwhelming. It's even worse if you place them where they shouldn't be. For this reason, remember to organize text in a logical flow to guide customers through the information.

For example, you can outline product features and benefits just below the head banner. If you’re using Premium A+ Content, you can use interactive hotspots to describe specific parts of your product.

4. Be consistent across product listings

Consistent branding should extend beyond your product packaging to your Amazon listings. This practice instills trust and confidence in customers while reinforcing your brand identity.

Suppose you own a skincare brand and mainly sell a facial cleanser, a moisturizer, and a sunscreen. One way you can be consistent is by reinforcing your commitment to natural ingredients and skincare expertise in the product descriptions. You can also incorporate your logo and brand colors in your A+ Content images.

5. Optimize for SEO

As a seller on Amazon, you’d want to appear at the top of search results to reach customers easily. Remember to incorporate relevant keywords, phrases, and search terms into your A+ Content to improve your discoverability and search engine rankings.

Don’t forget to optimize your product titles, descriptions, and bullet points to align with common search queries. If you find this task too technical, consider hiring an Amazon SEO expert to save time and effort.

6. Test and analyze performance

Using Amazon A+ Content doesn’t end with using interactive modules to engage customers. It’s critical to continuously monitor and analyze the performance of your A+ Content using Amazon's analytics tools.

Conduct A/B tests to compare different content variations and identify what resonates best with your target audience. To guarantee that your content strategy is as effective as possible, use data-driven insights to refine and enhance it.

Amazon A+ Content Examples

There are many ways to optimize your product descriptions. You can take inspiration from these A+ Content Amazon examples.

1. Product banners

Every product description needs an enticing introduction. In Amazon A+ Content, a banner can serve this purpose by visually highlighting your product and its uses.

For instance, Rowood prefaced its DIY book nook kit with a carousel-style banner, showing the product's appearance and potential home display options.

Amazon product banners, a+ contentSource: Rowood

2. “What’s in the Box” sections

This section details what customers will receive with their purchase, effectively managing their expectations.

For example, Amazfit has a section for its Band 5 fitness tracker that outlines the box contents—the watch, charger, and user manual. This short list provides customers with a clear idea of what to expect, ensuring transparency.

3. In-store clickable links

Your Amazon A+ Content has clickable links that let customers go straight to related products or pages within your Amazon store, making buying easier for them.

Mimogland effectively utilizes this feature in its product banners, enabling customers to click on smaller boxes in the carousel slides, which then direct them to separate product pages.

In-store clickable links, AmazonSource: Mimoglad

4. Product carousels

This section allows you to show multiple products in a rotating format, making it convenient for customers to conveniently explore various options within the same category.

JBL’s product description for the JBL Tune 510BT headphones features other headphones and earphones customers can look into. It’s a great way to give them options while exploring the same brand.

amazon product carouselsSource: JBL

5. 360-degree product views

One drawback of online shopping is that you can't inspect a product from top to bottom. Amazon addresses this with 360-degree views, allowing customers to see your offerings from all angles and creating a more immersive shopping experience.

Sony opted for this feature for its WH-CH520 wireless headphones’ product page. This way, customers can see what the ear muffs actually look like and how wide the actual product is.

6. Comparison tables

This section presents a side-by-side comparison of products, helping customers make more informed purchasing decisions.

amazon a+ content comparison tablesSource: Tineco

Smart home appliances brand Tineco, for example, included a table in their product description to compare the Pure ONE S11 to other vacuum cleaners. It gives customers a single view of their prices, suction power, running time, and other features.


Win on Amazon Today

Amazon and its A+ Content play pivotal roles in maximizing product visibility and driving sales on the platform. With the platform’s expansive reach and A+ Content's ability to enhance product presentation, you can showcase your offerings and increase sales more effectively.

As an Amazon agency, we at BeBOLD Digital specialize in optimizing Amazon pages to ensure your products stand out and attract customers. Maximize your Amazon presence and boost your sales by contacting us today. Let’s set up your Amazon page for success!

5 FAQs on Amazon A+ Content

1. How much does Amazon A+ Content cost?

Amazon A+ Content is free for sellers enrolled in Amazon's Brand Registry. To access Premium A+ Content features, you must publish an A+ brand story on the ASIN catalog and have a minimum of 15 A+ content approvals within the past 12 months.

2. Does Amazon A+ Content really help improve sales?

Yes, Amazon A+ Content can significantly improve sales by providing your shoppers with enhanced product information and visuals. It helps build trust, highlight product features, and differentiate your brand from competitors.

3. How do you create A+ Content on Amazon?

To create A+ Content in your Seller Central account, follow these simple steps:

  1. Click on “Advertising” in the sidebar, then select “A+ Content Manager.”
  2. Click the “Start creating A+ Content” button.
  3. Choose the type of A+ Content you want to create, such as "Basic" or "Brand Story," and add the content modules.
  4. Review and submit your content to Amazon for approval.

4. How long does it take to get A+ Content approved on Amazon?

Approval can take hours or weeks, depending on your A+ Content. You can check your Seller Central account to learn the status of your content. Keep in mind that Amazon may reject your A+ Content if it doesn’t follow the platform’s policies.

5. Does A+ Content replace product descriptions on Amazon?

No, Amazon A+ Content enhances your product descriptions but doesn’t replace them. Instead of using plain text, the tool allows you to showcase product details better with images, videos, and interactive elements. These components help customers view your products better before buying.


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