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Amazon Vendor Central Reporting Software Alternative | beBOLD

If you're an Amazon Vendor and want to know why your products aren't selling, it's time to learn how our analytics platform can help. Read this blog post!

Amazon Vendor Central Reporting Software Alternative

If you're an Amazon Vendor, then you know that success in the ecommerce world depends on being able to react quickly to changes in customer demand. With the help of retail analytics software, you can stay one step ahead of the competition. Retail analytics tools offer a wide range of features, from the ability to see what products are selling well to automated reports that can help you keep track of your sales and inventory levels.

Perhaps most importantly, though, these tools can help you spot trends and make changes to your business in real-time. That means that if you notice that a particular product is selling particularly well in a certain region, you can adjust your pricing or inventory levels accordingly. In today's competitive marketplace, being able to react quickly to changes in customer demand can be the difference between success and failure.

Finding data in Amazon Vendor Central can be time consuming, cumbersome and if you sell in multiple countries - good luck!

Let me introduce you to: beBOLD Analytics for Amazon Vendors. You can access all your Global Vendor accounts in an All-in-One Executive Dashboard with the ability to see detailed reports for each of your accounts including Amazon Advertising Data.

Amazon Vendor Central Analytics: A Brief Overview

It will be easy to find all the relevant information from an Amazon vendor list. AWS however has no easy to use interface which makes data management very complicated. AWS was developed for internal usage. Vendor Central may be frustratingly complex if there are no training sessions. It's why the Vendor Central website was designed as an online guide.

Access Amazon Vendor Data Quickly and Easily

If you are an Amazon Vendor, then you know that data points are the key to success. You need to be able to track your brand's performance on Amazon, as well as analyze your sales data and trends. Up until now, this has been a difficult process.

But not anymore! beBOLD Vendor Retail Analytics is here, and it is the most user-friendly analytics tool for Amazon Vendors. With Vendor Retail Analytics, you can leverage the same insights used by your Amazon Vendor Manager.

What Amazon Vendor Data does beBOLD Analytics Provide?

beBOLD Analytics provides all of the Amazon Vendor Central Data from your Amazon Vendor Central Reports which includes Amazon Retail Analytics and Vendor Brand Analytics into an organized, easy to access reporting solution. See your Ordered Revenue Summary by any date range that you specify which include up to 4 years of historical data.

Free 14-Day-Trial of beBOLD Analytics  for Amazon Vendor & Seller, Walmart and more >>

5 Main Sections of beBOLD Vendor Analytics:

  1. Vendor Overview
  2. Retail Analytics
  3. Purchase Orders
  4. Advertising & Marketing
  5. Automated Vendor Reports

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1) Vendor Analytics Overview


beBOLD Analytics Vendor Overview provides you access to every keep data point that you need to make the best informed decisions for your brand. You can see Ordered Revenue, Shipped Revenue, Shipped revenue by product, Shipped units summary, Sellable inventory trend, Inventory Health Summary and much more.

For your Amazon business to be success requires you to under your sales performance trends reports using retail sales data.

2) Retail Analytics 

ARe you looking to see your Ordered Revenue, Shipped Revenue, Sourcing Share, Inventory Health, Customer Returns, Average Ordered Price then beBOLD Analytics is for you!

Ordered Review

Ordered Product Sales in the selected time frame. This includes adjust for returns. All revenue reported excludes sales tax. See sales performance trends report based on real time sales data.


Shipped Revenue

Revenue based on units shipped in the selected timeframe. Excludes sales tax and adjustments made for returns. Option to toggle between Sourcing and Manufacturing view.


Sourcing Share

The value of the COGS foregone as a result of Amazon sourcing the units from ANOTHER Vendor instead of yourself. Sourcing share represents the share of shipped units source for your Vendor

Inventory Health

See your inventory health with Amazon with our all in one inventory health screen which include sellable inventory, unhealthy inventory, aged 90+ days and etc - all of the details you need to make data driven inventory planning.



3) Purchase Orders 

See ALL of your purchases orders in one screen with the ability to drill down into each of the POs.


4) Advertising and Marketing 

Build the complete picture by linking your Vendor Advertising Account. Access the same set of reports and insights available to in your advertising account. Drill down into campaign types, products, ASINs, and Amazon search terms report.


5) Automated Vendor Reports 

Automated vendor reports are a valuable sales diagnostic tool that can help you understand your sales performance and identify areas for improvement. With just a few clicks, you can configure highly customized reports that include commentary and sales data.

You can schedule reports for automatic delivery on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, making it easy to stay on top of your sales numbers. Reports are available in dynamic HTML or PDF format, so you can view them on any device. Whether you're looking for an overview of your sales performance or a detailed sales diagnostic, automated vendor reports are an invaluable resource.



beBOLD Connects via API for Amazon Vendors - No Scraping

Nerd Stuff! beBOLD Analytics is within Amazon Terms of Service - we don't scrap data from Amazon Vendor Central. If your current software does, you could be in serious trouble.

Amazon Vendor Central offers merchants the ability to access three key categories for a comprehensive report on the product performance across multiple channels. This can be achieved in large part by the new Amazon SP APIs for Vendors.

New APIs are creating new possibilities to utilize data based on legacy vendors systems which are an incredibly complex platform to manage. Amazon MWS transitions to SP-APIP are similar across vendors as well. With the new APIs, Amazon Vendor Central information is easier to access.

beBOLD Vendor Central Reporting Software - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a sales report from Amazon Vendor Central?

There are two ways to get a sales report from Amazon Vendor Central:

1. You can generate a report yourself using the reporting tool in Vendor Central. This is the preferred method, as it gives you greater control over the data that is included in the report.

2. You I get a sales report from Amazon Vendor Central?

How do I download a sales report from Vendor Central?

1. From the main menu, select 'reporting'.

2. On the 'reporting' page, select the type of report you want to generate from the drop-down menu.

3. Select the time period for which you want to generate the report.

4. Click ' generate I get a sales report from Amazon Vendor Central?

How do I find my Amazon Vendor Central data?

Vendor Central Reporting Software makes it easy to find your Amazon Vendor Central data. Once you've logged in, simply select the ' data' tab from the top menu. From there, you can access all of your sales data, including reports, graphs, and commentary.

How to use Amazon Brand Analytics?

Amazon Brand Analytics tool provides you with valuable insights into how your products are performing on Amazon. With just a few clicks, you can see how your products are ranking for key terms, what kind of traffic they're getting, and more.

beBOLD Vendor Analytics Summary

If you manage multiple Amazon Vendor accounts, it can be difficult to keep track of all your data. beBOLD Analytics makes it easy to see all your account information in one place with their All-in-One Executive Dashboard.

You'll have access to detailed reports for each account including Amazon Advertising Data, Amazon Retail Analytics and Vendor Brand Analytics. Plus, you can view your Ordered Revenue Summary for any date range up to 4 years into the past.

The best part is that you can try beBOLD Analytics FREE for 14-Days. So why wait? Get started today and streamline your vendor management process.

Free 14-Day-Trial of beBOLD Analytics  for Amazon Vendor & Seller, Walmart and more >>


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