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Beauty Infographics for Amazon Product Detail Pages & Why Products Need Them?

Blog  /  Beauty Infographics for Amazon Product Detail Pages & Why Products Need Them?

For sellers selling in the beauty category on Amazon, infographic images are not nice to have; they are a must-have. Why, you ask? Shoppers are not able to “try” the product in person and 90% of them don’t even bother to read the copy so, infographic images are the only weapon you have to educate them.

On average, a customer spends about 10 seconds on your product detail page and if you are not able to convince them, then you lose a sale. It is pretty evident that lousy listing images = lousy conversion rates and poor organic ranking. So to catch the wandering eyes of customers, you need more than just product-in-white shots. This is where infographics can help you. In this blog post, we will learn about the importance of infographics for every beauty sellers and the types of infographic images every beauty seller should have.

First Things First: What Are Infographic Images?

In simple words, infographic images mean presenting the features, benefits and data relating to the product in a graphical way. Infographic images make it easy for shoppers to quickly and clearly digest the information. Although they are important for any product you are selling online, beauty products need them the most.

Why Do Beauty Products Need Infographics More Than Anyone Else?

  • Beauty products are generally purchased on a rolling basis and not on a daily basis. Infographics can help leave a lasting impression in the minds of customers, so they keep coming back to their brand.
  • While selling in the beauty industry branding awareness is everything. Would you buy a makeup product from any brand you see? Customers don’t trust you easily unless you are a name brand.
  • They can help you stand out in a congested market where shoppers can quickly change between products and brands (because there are so many of them!).
  • It makes them familiar with the luxurious experience of using your product.
  • It shows the customers how the product works without being able to test them for themselves.
  • Educating the customers about the exclusive features of the product. You use no harsh chemicals, you have great shades available, long-lasting fragrance, then why not show it off to the customers?
  • It inspires shoppers to make your brand a part of their everyday lives.

Are Infographic Images The Magic Ingredient For Increasing The Conversion Rates?

Yes, yes, a thousand times yes. Infographic images are a potent factor in increasing your conversion rates. A copy is made to make your listing rank, but infographics are made to make your listing convert. Just think of yourself as a customer. Would you buy a product which has only one image? Coz I won’t, no one won’t. Shoppers may not read the copy you write, but they will, for sure, look at each and every image you upload before they make a purchase.

Not Just Boosting The Conversion Rates But Infographic Images Also Have Other Major Benefits:

#1: They Provide Instant Information

A single snapshot of the product or a table can explain your product better than a paragraph. Tones of unsexy data and information can be made easy to digest with the help of infographics. Why break your back describing the product’s color, shape and features when a single photo can do the job for you? Plus, they improve the scalability by 100%. Just by glancing at the image once, shoppers can get all the important information they need to make a purchase.

#2: They Engage Your Audience

In between the unformatted text paragraphs, infographics provide a fresh breathe of air. They make your product page exciting, interesting and elicit more engagement on your product page. If the shoppers don’t have time to read the content, they will skim, but infographic images will help them to stop scrolling. They work as a visual tool that keeps your audience interested in the product and the information associated with it.

#3: They Paint Your Brand

Well-designed infographic images help you to build brand trust, recognition and affinity. Have you ever seen Lakme’s listing? They have jaw-dropping graphics on their product detail page. Not just Lakme, take any big brand, their listing would be no less than a website. If your listing images are attractive and professional, a customer will consider you as a trustworthy brand otherwise not. Some sellers also choose to put their brand logo in every image for this sole reason. You can also make all your images stand out by making them in-line with your brand theme.

#4: They Increase Your Organic Ranking

You have greater chances of increasing your organic ranking if you have great images. It’s a little step that can help you get more and more high in Amazon search result pages. A great main image means a better click-through ratio, great listing images means better conversion and a better conversion ratio means an increased organic ranking. See, it’s that simple. And you were investing your dollars only in advertising.

6 Essential Amazon Infographics Every Beauty Seller Should Have:

#1: The Features Image

As the name suggests, in the feature image, you want to show ALL the features of your product and, more importantly, the benefits it can bring to your customers. This image would be more of like a complete list of benefits and features of your product, so reading it will make your customers 100% familiar with your product. Try to highlight the USP of your products – the things that set you apart from the competitor. For example, if you are selling a matte shade lipstick with a 15-hour staying power while your competitors just have a 10-hour staying power, then this is something you must convey to your customers. Let your customers know your product’s amazing benefits.

#2: The Enhanced Lifestyle Image

If your product does not have a lifestyle image, there are chances that the customers will have additional questions or concerns. A lifestyle image makes the customer visualize how it will be if they own the product. But wouldn’t it be great if you could utilize all that space in the lifestyle image for highlighting a significant benefit or feature. An enhanced lifestyle image exactly does that. They are like the best of both worlds. Product infographics tell a story and lifestyle images show a story, but enhanced lifestyle images have the potential to do both simultaneously. The formula to enhanced lifestyle image is quite simple: take an excellent lifestyle image, add a tagline that connects to the customers and voila it’s done.

#3: The Main Benefit Call Out

Is there a single most reason why shoppers should buy your product? Because it has the most long-lasting formula, because it will make you look great, because it has the most natural and purest ingredients and so on. Highlight your main benefit in a loud and clear voice in the main benefit call-out image. Sometimes when it happens that the product you and your competitors are selling are almost the same, but you have that edge. How do you highlight that? Not every customer reads each and every word of the description you write, but if you dedicate an image that highlights what makes your product different, then the chances of a customer buying your product will increase.

#4: The Comparison Chart

Selling in an uber-competitive category like beauty has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. You can get your products in front of a larger audience, but at the same time, you have a hard time convincing your customer that your product is the best. The comparison chart image can help you out with that. It highlights your products as the “best amongst the rest,” so the shoppers can instantly make up their mind and bypass the comparison stage of their buying journey.

Consumers won’t have to browse through ten other product pages to identify the best product because you already did that for them. While making a comparison chart, you can choose to give the competition a few “ticks” in fairness, or you can straightly give them “x’s,” the choice is yours ;). Just make sure that you don’t take the real images of your competitors because Amazon does not allow that.

#5: The Review Highlight

Do you have amazing FIVE-star reviews worth showing off? Then you must feature them in your infographic images. Why risk customers missing them down in the review area – just highlight three or four best reviews in your image itself. Because sometimes, instead of showing off the features or using sales inducing language, it is better to let your customers speak for the product. This is especially essential for sellers selling in the health and beauty category. The customer is going to use this product on his/her body so they will only purchase the product if they are 100% confident. And reviews give them the social proof, the assurance they need to make the purchase.

#6: The Quality Assurance Image

Credibility enhancing images goes a long way in winning consumer trust. Otherwise, how are the shoppers supposed to know that the product they are buying is the right choice for them? A quality assurance image is a must-have image for every category and not just the beauty category. You can use icons or logos to help your customers know that your product is pure, certified, natural, organic, chemical-free and, in short, the best and the safest product they can ever get.

Need Help With Your Images?

Nobody said that creating great images is easy. But who says you have to do it all yourself? Hire expert creative artists from Aden Branding and create listing images that compels the customer to click, stay and get interested your product. We have a great experience of working with sellers selling in the beauty category and if you are one of them and are looking to improve conversion rates and sales, then Contact Us.

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Hey, we are beBOLD.   We are determined to make your Amazon & Walmart business grow.  Our only question is, will it be yours business?

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