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What is Amazon Attribution?

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Amazon Attribution Program – Get A Deep Insight Of Your Off-Amazon Ad Campaigns

Everyone knows that Amazon encourages sellers to bring external traffic to their product listing pages. But most advertisers who run off-Amazon campaigns face a common and significant issue: how to measure the performance of those campaigns. They have the data for when a customer clicks on the ad and reaches to Amazon. But no one knows what happened after that. Did the customer purchase or left? The launch of the Amazon Attribution program has answers to all such questions.

Amazon Attribution – The What, When & How?

What: Amazon Attribution Beta is a self-service, web-based program that helps you to measure your advertising performance across different media platforms off Amazon. This advertisement measuring solution allows advertisers to get a deep insight into how their off Amazon traffic generation activities and marketing tactics are contributing to shopping activity. These insights can help advertisers optimize their media campaigns and grow their sales.

When: Just like every time, Amazon has once again silently rolled out this new feature in 2017. It is in beta version and Amazon is constantly making updates in this program with time and feedbacks from sellers.

How: This program is an invite-only; however, it is also available to the 1P vendors and brand registered 3P sellers in the US with limited availability in the UK. Sellers need to request access by submitting a form on their website. Enrollment is on a first-come, first-served basis. Click here to Sign Up.

Some more information on the program:

  • No additional fees are needed for this program
  • There are no minimum spend thresholds
  • Cross-device data tracking on computer, phones and tablets is available
  • A 14-day attribution lookback window is used
  • Tags may be utilized in direct sites as well
  • Amazon attribution program can only be used to get insights on the non-Amazon advertising media.
  • Sales reporting will show total regardless of its earned by Third Party or Vendor

How Amazon Attribution Works?

The best thing about this program is that advertisers can finally track the traffic coming from off Amazon sites like Facebook or Google back to Amazon through to purchase. It brings together sales and shopping impact analysis across off-Amazon promotion through social media, emails, search and display. But how does Amazon tracks the customer’s purchase journey? It is powered by a standard 1 x 1 image impression pixels on the advertisement that works as a tracker and tracks the impressions, clicks and conversions. The pixels measure the impressions and clicks and then attribute the conversation to your campaigns.

Amazon attribution tracks the following metrics:

  • Amazon Detail Page Views
  • Purchase Rate
  • Sales

These metrics give the advertisers a deep understanding of each stage of the customer journey, which helps them to determine the activities that drive performance so that they can optimize campaigns to improve ROI and increase sales on Amazon.

Apart from these, there are two conversion metrics available:

  • Promoted Promotions: Conversions for specific ASINs you have selected.
  • Total Conversions: Conversions for specific ASINs you selected as well as other ASINs related to those products that fall under the same brand (like brand halo).

According to Amazon, Amazon Attribution can attribute conversions for display, video and search for media purchased outside of Amazon. For display and video advertising, impression tracking is done through the 1 x 1 image impression pixel to impression events on the ad. Click tracking can be done by replacing an ad’s original URL with click redirect URL. For search advertising, Amazon will generate a tracking template when you generate pixel from a line item that corresponds to a search publisher.

Amazon Attribution Gives Brands The Opportunity To:

#1: Measure The Impact Of Their Strategies:

The insights into your advertising campaigns and the ability to track traffic and conversations from multiple sources allow the brands to measure the impact of their off-Amazon promotion efforts. For example, if you are using Google Adwords for promotion, then the data stops as soon as the customer reaches Amazon. But with the Attribution program, the brands can measure and track a customer’s journey from an off-Amazon platform to Amazon. Once the data is reviewed, an optimal conversion path is identified and marketing strategies can be optimized to cater an ideal customer journey.

#2: Increase ROI

With accurate conversion data in hand, brands can quickly identify the most efficient and effective advertisement platform and further optimize their campaigns to increase their ROI. At present, without Amazon Attribution, brands are not able to identify the true impact of their efforts, so obviously, there is little opportunity to scale the efforts. Without inaccurate data, it is challenging to assign budget and set bids to a campaign, but accurate data can make all that a lot easier, which in turn increases ROI.

#3: Improve The Market Share

Effectively tracking and bringing interested traffic to your product detail page can help fill the market gaps and shorten the path of customers so that they can discover your product quickly. Because the traffic you are getting is already looking for your product, it will have a positive impact on the organic ranking and the conversion rates. This, in turn, increases your product visibility and also positively impacts your existing PPC campaigns.

Case Study: How Effective This Program Is?

The only tracking option available to sellers and vendors for measuring sales and performance data is through their Amazon Storefront. Despite being very useful and efficient, it has got some major limitations like not being able to aggregate sales by single ASINs. Amazon Attribution program gives them a complete insight and allows them to track attribution back to a product detail page, making this program much more robust option compared to Amazon Stores.

Amazon provided a case study of a nutrition company named Premium Nutrition that increased its year-over-year sales by 322% by optimizing its attribution through Amazon Attribution. The insights they gained from analyzing the attribution included which type of publication performs better than others, what audience is more likely to convert and which media placement will provide greater returns. By using these insights, Premium Nutrition was able to make strategic adjustments to its campaign to increase sales and improve ROI.

Why Is External Traffic So Important?

Reason #1: Get An Edge Over Customers

With more and more sellers jumping in the selling bandwagon, it becomes difficult for your product to stand out. Distinguishing your products from a pool of similar products becomes next to impossible and you have to fight to get your products seen to the customers. By driving external traffic, you are getting a competitive edge over your competitors. Your product will be seen first, on its own.

Reason #2: Brand Awareness

A recognizable and strong brand can go a long way. While you advertise outside of Amazon, you can use beautiful creative and build a brand voice that stays with the audience for a long. More and more customers will see your brand and this will increase brand awareness.

Reason #3: Amazon May Reward You

Nothing is proven until now, but many sellers and Amazon SEO experts believe that Amazon rewards sellers who bring external traffic to their detail page. If we think practically, it might be possible. When you bring external traffic, you are helping Amazon increase its customer base and so this might help you build a strong relationship with Amazon.

Final Thoughts:

All in all, this is a great program and it has opened up many opportunities for brands to get an insight needed to scale their marketing strategies and increase sales on Amazon. By introducing this program, Amazon has created an ad feature that none other ad platforms are offering. You can also leverage this program and get benefits for your off-Amazon ad campaigns.


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Hey, we are beBOLD.   We are determined to make your Amazon & Walmart business grow.  Our only question is, will it be yours business?

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