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Amazon PPC Ads: What are Sponsored Brands?

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what are amazon sponsored brand ads

What are Sponsored Brand Ads?

Originally named Headline Search Ads, amazon sponsored brands or brand ads (SBAs) often feature a branding, brand store logo and a custom headline. You may now also show as many as 3 stores on the same amazon sponsored brands or brand ad campaign.


Who Can Use Amazon PPC Sponsored Brands?

Sponsoring companies can use sponsored products and sponsored brands, to sell products in the Amazon Brand Register. Companies using Amazon Brand Registry can advertise their sponsored products ads sponsored brands video them on Amazon, and the products will appear with their branding.

What's the difference between Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands on Amazon?

Amazon offers two primary advertising formats on its platform: Sponsored Products and Sponsored and sponsored Brands ads. While both sponsored product ad format and brand ad formats aim to increase product visibility and drive sales, they have different features and strategies.

Sponsored Products

Sponsored Products or sponsored ads are keyword-targeted ads that appear in search results and product detail pages on Amazon. They feature a product image, price, and a custom headline, and are designed to help drive sales of specific products.

Here are some key features and benefits of Sponsored Products:

  • Appear at the top or bottom of Amazon search results and on relevant product pages.
  • Target specific keywords and are triggered by shopper search queries.
  • Drive sales and increase visibility of individual products.
  • Cost-per-click (CPC) model, meaning businesses only pay when someone clicks on their ad.
  • Offers automatic targeting (Amazon picks keywords) and manual targeting (business chooses keywords)

Sponsored Brands

Sponsored Brands, or sponsored product ads on the other hand, are ads that promote your brand and product collection and allow you to showcase multiple products at once. They feature sponsored ad visibility with a custom headline, brand logo, product detail page and up to three products, and are designed to help increase brand awareness and recognition.

Here are some key features and benefits of Sponsored Brands:

  • Displayed at the top of search results pages, allowing for increased brand visibility.
  • Feature multiple products from your brand, making it easier for shoppers to discover and engage with your brand.
  • Help increase brand awareness and recognition by featuring your brand logo and customized headline.
  • Cost-per-click (CPC) model, meaning businesses only pay when someone clicks on their ad.
  • A great way for businesses to promote their brand and drive sales across their entire product catalog.

How do Sponsored Brands ads work?

Similar to Sponsored Products and Sponsored Display ads, sponsored brand ads use PPC advertising to drive brand awareness and get impressions on potential new customers only. As a seller, advertising cost of your bid ad placement can vary according to your campaign and your budget each day.

Amazon Sponsored Brands is an advertising format that allows businesses to display their brand logo, product images, and a customized headline in a prominent location at the top of Amazon search results pages. how sponsored brand ads are product ads.

What are the Sponsored Brands Ad Format Types?

Sponsored Brands ads come in three formats: Single Product, Multiple Products, and Storefronts. When selecting a format for your own sponsored brands video the products campaigns the sponsored brands campaigns, below, you should consider the goal of the campaign and the type of products or services you are promoting.

1. Product Collection Ads

Product Collection enables businesses to showcase multiple products from their catalog in a single ad. These product collection ads can contain up to 50 eligible products and help increase build brand awareness, visibility and sales by allowing shoppers to explore a variety of products from your brand and product collection at once.

2. Store Spotlight Ad Formats

Store spotlight ads are designed to increase brand awareness by to new potential customers and showcasing your brand's unique story and value proposition to customers shopping elsewhere. They feature a headline, brand logo, and customizable image with a link to your brand's store spotlight page on Amazon.

3. Video Advertising Ads

Video ads are a highly engaging way to tell your brand's story and your brand audience and showcase your products. These ads appear in search results sponsored product ads, and on relevant product detail pages within search results and landing page and can be up to 45 seconds long.

Pros and Cons of using Amazon Sponsored Brand Ads


  1. Increased Visibility: Sponsored Brand Ads prominently appear at the top of Amazon search results pages, increasing visibility and exposure for your brand and products.
  2. Brand Awareness: Sponsored Brand Ads help increase brand awareness and recognition. The ads can feature your brand's logo, product images, and a customized headline.
  3. Targeted Advertising: Sponsored Brand Ads allow you to target specific keywords and audiences, ensuring that your ads are reaching the right people who are more likely to convert into customers.
  4. Higher Click-through Rates (CTR): Sponsored Brand Ads tend to have higher click-through rates (CTR) compared to other ad formats on Amazon, as they are more visible and stand out from the rest of the search results.


  1. Higher Cost: Sponsored Brand Ads can be more expensive than other advertising options on Amazon, particularly if you are targeting highly competitive keywords or categories.
  2. Limited Ad Space: Sponsored Brand Ads have a limited amount of space to showcase your products, as they only consist of a small headline, logo, and up to three product images.
  3. Requires Good Product Listings: To run successful Sponsored Brand Ads, you need to have well-optimized product listings. If your product listings are not optimized, your ads may not perform as well as they could.
  4. Requires Frequent Monitoring: To ensure that your Sponsored Brand Ads are performing at their best, they require frequent monitoring and optimization. This can be time-consuming, especially for businesses with limited resources.

Getting Started With Amazon Sponsored Brand Ads

As with all Amazon advertising, you'll need to set up an Amazon Advertising account and link your payment method before getting started with sponsored ads. You will also need to have access to the Seller Central dashboard in order to create Sponsored Brand Ads.

Once your account is set up, you can start creating your banner ads by following these steps:

  1. Select the products you want to advertise: Choose up to 50 eligible products from your catalog that you want to feature in your Sponsored Brand Ads.
  2. Create your ad copy and visuals: Design a headline that accurately reflects what your brand has to offer, create an image that can be used for all of your ads, and write engaging ad copy for each product.
  3. Set your bid: Set how much you are willing to pay for each click on your ad. This will determine how often your ads appear in search results and where they on the page.
  4. Target the right keywords: Research relevant keywords that shoppers are likely to use when searching for products related to yours and target these in your ads.
  5. Test, monitor and optimize: Monitor the performance of your Sponsored Brand Ads and make adjustments to bids, keywords, and ad copy as needed.
  6. Once you have created your campaigns, you'll be able to track their performance through metrics such as impressions, clicks, cost per click (CPC), and sales. This will help you optimize your campaigns for the best results.

By using brand campaigns and utilizing Amazon Sponsored Brand Ads, businesses can reach more shoppers, increase visibility, and drive more sales on Amazon.

With a little bit of planning and optimization, these how sponsored ad spend, brands ads and brand ads can be an effective way to get the most out of your Amazon advertising budget.

Amazon Advertising Reports for Sponsored Brands

The sponsorship report has six different type of reports. The reports are usually good for sponsors who are aware that the reports can cover all types.

Reporting can also be requested via e-commerce central dashboard.

  1. Brand Summary Report - which provides insight into the performance of your Sponsored Brand Ads. This can be used to track impressions, clicks, and costs associated with each ad.
  2. Product Performance Report - which shows you how well individual products are performing in your ads. This can be useful for optimizing your ads by removing or replacing underperforming products.
  3. Bid Performance Report - which provides insight into how different bids affect ad performance. This can help you determine what the optimal bid amount should be for each of your campaigns.
  4. Campaign Summary Report - which shows an overview of your entire campaign including impressions, clicks, and costs.
  5. Keywords Performance Report - which provides insight into how well each of your targeted keywords are performing. This can help you determine if any of your keywords need to be adjusted or removed from your campaigns.
  6. Demographics Report - which gives you a breakdown of the shoppers who viewed your ads by age and gender. This can help you understand which demographic groups are most interested in your products, so you can target them more effectively.

By tracking these key metrics, you'll be able to optimize your ad campaigns, for better performance and get the most out of your Amazon Advertising budget.

What Amazon Products are NOT Eligible for Sponsored Brands?

A resale policy is currently in effect on adults. The use of refurbished or discarded products and closed category products is prohibited. Please review Creative Acceptable categories for Sponsored brands and Sponsored Products.

How much should I spend on Sponsored Brands?

Consider donating 21% of ad spend in a marketing budget to Sponsored Products and 20% to Sponsored Products. This will help you to optimize your budget and get the most out of your Amazon Advertising campaigns.

You may also want to invest in A/B testing, which can help you identify the best performing video ads and reduce costs associated with underperforming or irrelevant ads. By testing different in ad format, copy and visuals, you can see what works best for your brand

Try free benchmarks to see the average budget, CPC and ACoS that sponsored brands campaign in your categories, subcategories, or marketplaces. Your sponsorship and campaign performance is important on Amazon!

Amazon Ads Sponsored Brands Conclusion 

In conclusion, Sponsored Brands are a powerful tool for businesses who want to increase their visibility on Amazon and drive more sales.

By leveraging the benefits of these ads, businesses can effectively showcase their brand message and products to potential customers, leading to increased traffic and conversions.

With a clear understanding of how Sponsored Brands work and a well-planned strategy, businesses can take advantage of this advertising option to achieve their goals and succeed on Amazon.

At beBOLD, we have the expertise and experience to help businesses create effective Sponsored Brands campaigns that deliver results.

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Do you want more growth?

Hey, we are beBOLD.   We are determined to make your Amazon & Walmart business grow.  Our only question is, will it be yours business?

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FREE Beauty Brand Analysis at CosmoProf Las Vegas 2023

Amazon PPC Ads: What is Sponsored Display?

Amazon PPC Ads: What is Sponsored Display?

Amazon PPC Ads: What are Sponsored Brands?

Amazon PPC Ads: What are Sponsored Brands?